Beautiful Vintage Quilt Patterns

"The American Quilt S-22"

Many vintage quilt patterns are in this ebook. Song and prose have glorified QUILT-MAKING as the most picturesque of all American folk arts. During early Colonial days the need for bed coverings and the love of color and decoration found full expression in the "AMERICAN QUILT".

A pattern of rare beauty, colorful and easy to make, is the favorite of many a quiltmaker. Absolute freedom in choice of color and print lends the individual touch that characterizes the maker's own taste.

Basket of Flowers
The basket pattern is another popular quilt pattern with several variations.
Here too, the design is most effective when colorful prints are used for the
basket and plain white for the background.

Many vintage quilt patterns were known and reproduced by the early settlers. From these basic designs were created many variations, some because the original design was not fully remembered and others because of the desire for a slight change. Quilting designs are composed of many small parts and the change of one of these, in shape
or size, automatically varied the design itself. Such designs  were often suggested by poetry, flowers, animals, or by experiences and hardships endured by the sturdy pioneers.

The names of many quilts have special historical significance based on the time of their making. Some bear religious names, like "Hosannah" and "Crown of Thorns"; others are known by political names, such as "Lincoln's Platform" and "Harrison and the Democratic Rose". Since quilting was strictly a feminine art, the political names of quilts depict the keen interest the early American woman took in current politics.

Double Iris Chain
This variation of the most universally known quilt pattern, "Irish Chain", lends itself to the free use of gay colors. The white background accentuates the contrast. "Single" and "Triple Irish Chain" are other well known variations.

Hollyhock Wreath
This colorful quilt, gay as a hollyhock border in old time gardens, was copied in New York City in 1936. Pointed leaves are characteristic of many very old floral patterns.

Like all worthwhile heritages, the charm of the "American Quilt" must not be allowed to vanish. It forms a distinct part of American life and should be preserved and handed down to future generations. Women of America! Cherish and promote this art steeped in tradition.

Quilts - S22 Patterns INCLUDE

Storm at Sea
Basket of Flowers
Red Cross
Hearts and Gizzards
Borrow and Return
Tumbling Blocks
Double Irish Chain
Turkey Track
Hollyhock Wreath
Adaptation of the Chimney Sweep.

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