6 Vintage Apron Patterns

These vintage apron patterns are still as cute today as they were in the 50s. Great for gifts and easy to make up.

Perky pocket apron starts with 21M " length of 36" wide pink and white striped chintz. Hem sides. Make 2M " bottom hem.

Cut 5 pockets, 6 3 x8" deep, making 2 green, 2 green and white polka dot, 1 in pink; edge with green tape.

Gather top edge to waist 14x3 ". Add 22x1 " ties.

Designer: Ann Joselyn.

Fire-red apron takes 1 yard 36" dimity, 1 yard each gold rickrack, braid, large ball fringe, satin ribbon; 1 1/2 yards small ball fringe.

Cut 27" length of fabric. Hem. Gather top to fit waistband, 12 1/2" x 3".

Fold under waistband; catch in 22x1 1/2 ties on each side. Top stitch various trims to apron starting 7" from bottom. Add ball fringe to pocket.

A tricky trim turns any apron you make from a simple pattern into one that's extra special for a bazaar or gift.

Here's an easy idea: make apron of checked gingham. In white check, cross-stitch a flower or snowflake design, matching thread color with check color.

Designer: B. Caulfield.

Scalloped apron. Measure for desired width, turn so right side of hem is to right side of apron. Set automatic decorator attachment on sewing machine for "scallop."

Stitch along folded edge. Clip and trim around each.

Applique a roaster design on with "zigzag" attachment.

Plaid and plain apron features box pleats revealing plaid pattern. Start with four 22 1/2" lengths plain fabric, 4 1/2" wide. Alternate with three 22 1/2 " lengths plaid, 7 1/2" wide.

Sew together starting and ending with solid color.

Hem sides, add 3" hem at bottom. Fold plain fabric over plaid to meet in center of each plaid panel. Stitch down 3 1/2" at top to make pleats.

A patchwork apron uses scraps of leftover fabric combined together in a planned design.

Sew pieces together to form apron 31" wide, 19" deep. Hem sides, bottom; gather top to waist 16x3".

Add ties, 3x25". Trim with odds and ends of rickrack or other trimmings.

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