Towel Baby Bib Pattern

Towel baby bib pattern easy sewing project

This towel baby bib pattern is easy to make up and decorate. Gala tree and doll bibs. Make the bibs as shown with trees made from sponges that is cut in half thickness. Stitch on rickrack, red ball fringe.

Dolls have button heads covered with double thickness skirt facing, bias tape arms and legs, and skirt facing dresses. These thrifty holiday presents are sure to delight Mom and baby,.

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Jaunty terry bibs. Follow directions below. Candy canes are interlocked strips rickrack. Clown has foam rubber powder puff face, button and rickrack trim, eyelet ruffle collar. Daisy is foam rubber puff with eyelet ruffle "petals", bias tape stem, rickrack leaves.

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Towel Baby Bibs: Fold end of terry fingertip towel over 4 inches. Cut neckline curve 4 1/2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches deep at center. Bind edge leaving 14 inch ties on each side. Sew on bands of rickrack.

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