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A teddy bear sewing pattern is the ideal gift to give someone, but a huge majority of the time you will want it yourself. If you enjoy sewing and like a challenge, this pattern is perfect for you and will be the ideal gift for a loved one.

Making this custom 19 inch bear with the apron will ensure that the recipient knows how much love and time you have put into their gift. Even adults love this style of bear and one which is handmade is a unique and special gift to treasure.

Sewing is all about enjoying the process and although you may find it harder in the beginning, once you have completed a number of patterns you will strive for harder.

Although there are several different patterns to choose from, teddy bears have always been popular. Since the birth of the teddy bear in 1906, many households have them all over the world. Bear collectors and enthusiasts love to make their own unique teddy bears for their collections.

Sewing for charity

If you really enjoy sewing and want to try this teddy bear sewing pattern, you can always give the bear to charity. Knowing that it will go to a good home and hopefully raise some money is a lovely feeling.

You can share your talents with other people and continue to do something that you enjoy. You may want to donate your teddy to a children's hospital, home, or simply give it to a friend's child. Whatever you decide to do with your finished teddy bear it will be loved for many years.

Make your own teddy bear

Although you may feel that you are not experienced enough with your sewing capabilities, if you have the right pattern you can achieve great things. As with all patterns this great teddy bear sewing pattern is designed with everyone in mind.

If you are a novice, taking it slowly and following the pattern is essential. However, you can still achieve great results and have a fantastic looking teddy bear. You will find that once you have completed this teddy bear you will be reaching for the next one.

One of the favorite elements of making your own teddy bear is that you can personalize them perfectly. No matter what color and type of material you want to use it is possible to ensure that your teddy bear is one of a kind.

Although you are following a sewing pattern there are several different elements that can be personalized. You can make their facial features different and their clothes can be exactly how you want them.

Free teddy bear sewing pattern included

Download your pattern here

. Whether you want your teddy bear to look like another famous bear or be a part of your existing bear family, the possibilities are endless. You will love all of the different choices that you have and making the teddy bears will become a passion. As you improve with your designs, you will find yourself wanting to do more. Making teddy bears will become so much more than a hobby - it will become a lifestyle. Click on the picture above to download your free teddy bear pattern. It is in pdf format and printable.

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