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T shirt quilts are a popular, affordable, and totally unique way of preserving the memories that you have of different people and places. They are a fantastic way to recycle any older T-shirts that do not fit you anymore, or that are outdated.

You can use the T-shirts to create a great quilt that will serve as a function as well as displaying all of your fantastic memories. You will be surprised how many different T-shirts you have managed to gather over the years and what better way to display them.

People collect memorabilia including T-shirts from many different places including concerts, shows, and vacations. All too often, when you return home they are placed in a drawer, and forgotten about.

In later years, you will find the T-shirts, and begin to reminisce about the event, or location you acquired it. Often, these will be great memories that you cherish, and want to share with other people including family and friends.

(T shirt) Tee Shirt Quilts

By making this style of quilt, you can ensure that the memories are kept alive, and displayed to their full potential. Although you may think that transforming your memories into T-shirt quilts is complicated it is far easier than you may imagine.

You will need to decide on the size of the quilt that you want to make, and choose the T-shirts you want to include. What makes these quilts more unusual in design is that the squares are cut to the size of the logo, or picture, and are not all the same size.

Traditional quilts look very uniform in design, and often have the exact same size squares. Although these look great, they are not as striking as T-shirt quilts. Cutting the T-shirts in the correct way is essential due to the material that is often used with them.

You will need to support the T-shirt with interfacing before cutting them or they will bend out of shape very easily. You can easily do this with iron on interfacing. Once they are supported, you will need to cut around all of the seams from the armpit down to the bottom.

T shirt quilt instructions

Cutting carefully and deciding how close to the logo you will want to go, before it becomes too squashed. You can choose between trying to make your t shirt quilt look very symmetrical, and have rows of T-shirts or something unusual and place them randomly. Either way the T-shirt quilts will look amazing, and no matter what design you choose the quilt will be personal to you.

If you are not confident enough to make the quilt yourself there are several companies that can help bring your vision to life.

Not only will they be able to create amazing quilts that will be adored, but also help you to de-clutter your life. You can have a clear out of your closet, share your memories with friends, and family, and stay warm in the winter months.

This style of quilt can be used anywhere around your home, and are perfect for those times in front of the TV, or when you need extra warmth in bed. You can remain warm, and happy as you gaze at the T-shirts, and remember the occasions, and events that you bought them at.

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