Suz learned how to make a quilt

by Suz (Grandoll)
(Auntie Lee's gift of love)

Baby quilt pattern Suz's favorite pattern

Baby quilt pattern Suz's favorite pattern

(A note from one of our visitors)

When I was young I love my dolls. My cousins I were rough with my dolls and I never had much clothes for them.

My cousin though had lots of dolls and clothes for them made by my aunt. So when I was young I always watched her sew and do other crafts to the point I took better care of my toys.

I also learn to sew and now I sew tons of projects. I make quilts, dresses, clothes, toys and most of all doll clothes.

Your site helps others like me when I was young, to get the help they need to learn to sew.

Keep up the great work.

Suz (also known as grandoll by my grandkids)


Hi Suz, (grandoll)

I am so happy you like the site. It is very enjoyable to post the new patterns for quilts, dolls, toys, aprons or any sewing item I think folks would enjoy.

My hope is that new sewers will find a project to get them sewing. I have posted many apron patterns to make things easy for them. I remember when I began sewing, it was am apron I was taught with.

You quilt is lovely and I know a baby will surely be happy wrapped in it.

Wow you do have some dolls don't you? My dolls have all been passed to the grandchildren long ago.

I hope you visit often as I am putting up new patterns and ebooks every week as I get them ready.

Thank you so much for the kind words about my site and the encouragement for the new sewers.

Blessings to you and thanks for sharing your story.


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