From Simple Quilt Patterns to Intricate Designs

simple quilt patterns

“Make wall quilts to king size quilts”

Barbara includes many simple quilt patterns in this ebook including easy to follow instructions and templates. Also included are pieced, appliqued quilts and quilting designs for beautiful finishing.

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All star quilt patterns

Barbara Taylors book, “Quilting for fun and profit”, is full of ideas for creating your own tradition with beautiful quilts. You can size them from crib size to a king size quilt.

In this ebook you will find 28 different patterns. They range from easy quilt patterns such as the Nine Patch to the complex such as the beautiful Lone Star quilt.

Create a living heirloom of your own with lovely quilts Make your quilt an heirloom that will be treasured for generations to come.

The careful selection of fabrics, proper blending of colors, and the imaginative use of needlework will create exquisite design to be treasured. Be sure to stitch your name and the date in one corner, just as an artist signs a fine painting.

"DO'S" of Quilting

1. Use only the best fabrics available.

2. Combine only like fibers: silk with silk, cotton with cotton, etc.

3. Select the highest quality cot-ton batting, using only 100% new materials, for ease in quilting, durability and good looks.

4. Cut and sew each component part accurately.

5. Fasten all seams securely.

The 28 simple quilt patterns included are listed below

Lone Star

Morning Glory A

Morning Glory B

Ship To The Moon

Friendly Puppy

Broken Star


Turkey Tracks

Fan Piecework

American Log Cabin

Colonial Lady

Tree Of Paradise

Nine Patch

Double Wedding Ring

Double Irish Chain

Variegated Hexagon

Rose Wreath

Daisy Chain

Bunnie Applique

Basket Quilt

True Lovers Knot

Tulip and Rose

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Simple Quilt Patterns Ebook to Quilts

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