Many Simple Quilt Blocks

Here you will find a collection of simple quilt blocks with instructions. These can be made into a quilt on their own or make a scrap quilt using all the blocks.

"12 inch quilt blocks"

Vintage quilt patterns

Above is Widowers Choice Quilt

Below you will find your free download link

This free pattern below is for 12 inch simple quilt blocks combined with patchwork and solid squares. This pattern “Widowers Choice” comes from the late 1800s. The blocks can be arranged in many layouts and create totally different quilts. You can make the quilt will only the patchwork and leave out the solid squares for a great design. Or use 4 patchwork to create one square and alternate with solid squares.

Easy sew patterns
Fast and easy piecing makes this quilt pattern one of the quickest quilts for you to make!

Good quilts for beginners

Sew the different sections together and when you have several blocks together than lay them out in different ways and see what you would like. You do not have to have the solid color blocks. This is a great for charity quilting and or a beginner quilt you can use these easy quilt blocks to learn quilt assembly.

Working with blocks allows you to easily adjust the size of quilt you want to make. Adding blocks will naturally make it larger and subtracting blocks will give you a smaller quilt. This pattern can be a king size quilt or a baby blanket. Of course you must also adjust the boarders but if you are working on a basic quilt this should not be much of a problem.

Widowers Choice is a patchwork quilt using simple quilt blocks. This refers to a pieced quilt with the pieces cut out in many shapes such as squares, triangles or diamonds. Than sewn together to form a design in a larger block.

Scrap quilts

This layout is just one of many you can use with these blocks. You can make smaller blocks or larger ones with all the same pieces you have with this pattern. This would also be a good for scrap quilts and using up all those odds and ends.

Quilt patterns free download

Download this free pattern Widower's Choice Quilt Block Download Than you can print off the pattern. No need to draw it out and re-size. It is in a pdf file so you will need adobe to read and print it. But Adobe Reader is a free program and if you don't have it you can find it here.

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