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Free sewing patterns online for 20” baby doll clothes. Here is what you will need and instructions on making this adorable outfit.

Baby doll clothes patterns

MATERIAL FOR 20" DOLL (more or less according to size of doll) . . .

For dress and slip: Nainsook – 1 1/4 yds.; J. & P. Coats Fine Lawn Bias Trim to match;

Narrow Lace - 5 yds.;

Small Buttons. For coat and bonnet:

Flannel or Crepe-1/2 yd. 54" wool, or 1 yd. 39" rayon

Ribbon-11/2 yds.;

Ruching - 1/2 yd.;


Patterns for sewing patterns online

These clothes are planned on one basic pattern with a yoke that is easy to adjust to any size. The skirts are straight pieces. Patterns given are for a 20" baby doll.

To make patterns actual size, transfer diagrams as shown to large paper marked with 1" squares. One small square equals one 1" square.

To Fit Yoke Pattern

Cut out Yoke Pattern No. X from muslin or scraps. This may be used to make adjustments on Doll. Try on and adjust size by adding or taking off at center. Adjust curve of armhole and neck if necessary. If Doll is very much shorter, Yoke may need to be shortened. It should reach to middle of chest and just under arm. After adjusting yoke pattern to fit Doll, re-cut, adding 1/4" on all edges for seam allowance.

To Make Slip

1. Cut 2 Yokes from adjusted yoke pattern. For Skirt length, measure Doll from underarm to knee and add 1". For width, measure twice around chest of Doll just under arms.

Cut Skirt to these measurements.

Join shoulder and underarm seams of Yoke with French seams. Slit center back for opening. Bind all around neck and armholes with Bias Trim. Turn under 1/4" at bottom of Yoke and mark center front.

Stitch ends of Skirt piece together halfway up with French seam. Mark center front. (The opening is at center back.) Run loose machine stitchings 1/4" and 1/2" from edge.

4. Place center front of Yoke over center front of Skirt and match edges at Back. Pull up machine stitching to fit Skirt to Yoke. Distribute gathers, having none under arms. Top stitch Yoke to Skirt.

5.  To finish back opening, make hem according to size of Doll. Fasten with tiny Buttons and loops, or snaps.

6.  Adjust length on Doll. Make narrow hem. Whip on gathered lace (11/2 times width of Skirt) if desired.

To Make Dress

1. Cut 2 Yokes 1/4" larger all around than adjusted yoke pattern used for Slip. Cut Skirt 4" longer and 10" wider than for Slip. Adjust Sleeve Pattern No. XI to fit at underarm seams and add 1/4" all around for seams. Cut 2 Sleeves from adjusted pattern.

2.  Make same as Slip, but do not bind armholes.

3.  Sew Sleeve seams, gather bottom of Sleeve to fit arm, finish with binding. Insert Sleeve in armhole, gathering fullness at shoulder.  

4.  Adjust hem of Dress, making hem 3" to 4" wide. 5. Whip 2 rows of gathered lace (1 1/2 times width) to Skirt, row at hemline, other row 1" above. Also whip gathered lace to neck and Sleeves.

To Make Coat

1. Cut Back Yoke 1/2" larger than adjusted yoke pattern used for Slip. Cut Front Yoke 2" wider at center. Cut Skirt 4" longer and 14" wider than Slip. Cut 2 Long Sleeves from Pattern No. XI, adjusting at underarm seams (as before) and wrist. Allow for 2" hem at wrist and 1/4" seams on all other edges

2. Make body of Coat same as Dress except that opening is at front. Adjust and make 2" hem at bottom.

3. Insert Sleeves same as Dress. Make 1" hem. Turn back 3/4" and tack to make cuff.

4. Fold 2" along center front edges to right side for facing. Baste Bias Facing cut from same fabric to neck edge between facings, right sides together and raw edge to raw edge. Stitch around neckline 1/4" from edge. Turn facing to wrong side. Press Binding down and hem.

5. Make 2 button-holes in right Yoke Front. Sew Buttons to correspond.

To Make Bonnet

1. Cut 2 Bonnet Backs from Pattern No. XII, made larger or smaller all around, if necessary. Measure Doll's head from top (at back) to forehead. Measure around face over top of head from ear to ear.

Cut a strip to these measurements. Cut ruffle 4" wide and twice as long as strip.

2. Gather 1 edge of strip to Bonnet Back.

3. Fold ruffle length-wise, right side inside. Stitch 2" ends. Turn. Press. Gather raw edges to fit edge of Bonnet. Stitch to right side, raw edges together. Bind all raw edges with Bias Facings cut from same fabric. Sew Ruching inside ruffle if desired. Attach Ribbons to corners of Bonnet.

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