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"Fabric for home sewing"

Sewing material and notions

There is an amazing choice of sewing material available today. We will cover fabric types in this step of your sewing lessons. Have you ever been in a fabrics and crafts store and wanted some of everything?

When you enter a fabric store and see all the fabric, projects just start dancing through your mind. I see the beautiful colors and printed fabric and I start thinking of dress making, quilting or maybe a home project. Todays decorator drapery fabric can encourage you to redecorate an entire room just because you fell in love with a piece of cloth.

But for the beginner all the fabrics can cause confusion. What is fabric, what is quilt material. Is it ok to use discount quilt fabric? These are all valid questions and we hope to answer each one so you will feel confident in your next sewing project.

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When it is time to choose your projects sewing material a beginner can become overwhelmed and totally confused. The colors, prints, types of fabric and displays that are available today is unbelievable. But there is always help, whether on the pattern you choose or the counter help you will not be left on your own to select the proper material.

Joanne fabrics and crafts sewing fabric online

Many of you are not lucky enough to have a Joanne fabrics and crafts store or a Michaels craft store near you, you will also have some great online choices also. is a great online fabric store that has a huge selection of sewing material and all the notions you would need.

There are so many fabric types that I could not begin to cover them here. But there are some averages we can help you with.

Such as polyester/cotton fabric usually comes in 44- 45 inch width and is commonly used for clothing. The colors and prints and easy care of this fabric makes it the most popular choice.

Sewing material

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Discount quilt fabric vs discount sewing fabric

100 % cotton is the quilt fabric that most quilters use. Always remember to wash and dry it before cutting and making your quilt. This will pre-shrink the fabric and save you from losing your quilt when you wash it.

Rayon is my personal favorite. Not because of the ease of sewing with it. But because of the way it washes and drys and feels. It is the most comfortable fabric in my opinion. I have seen this in 45-60 inch widths.

Your choice of sewing material will depend on what you are making of course. Us the back of the pattern as your guide. It will tell you how much fabric you will need and how many yards to buy.

Also you will find on the lower back of the pattern all the notions  you will need. Such as buttons, snaps, zippers and lace. They will give you the size and amount of these so the guess work is all done for you. 

Once you have chosen your pattern and checked to see what kind of fabric you should be using. You will want to consider a couple more things before you make your purchase.

Think about the colors that flatter you not just how pretty they look in the store display

How much can you afford to spend. Check the sales rake.

How will you wear this item? Causal, dressy or sports? Is it hand wash or machine? This may seem like a lot to think about but it will be second nature to you in no time. A little knowledge will save you a lot of work.

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