Patterns For Quilts And Coverlets

Quilts and coverlets patterns.

Quilts and coverlets are easily made with this ebook Quilts ON Parade. It has 16 great patterns which you can make in any size.

All pieces illustrated in this ebook are actual size Unless otherwise specified in the directions.

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Quilts and Coverlets of Yesterday

We're in an era of nostalgia and like many other great crafts the art of quilt-making is enjoying a revival.

Born of necessity that early American art form of pioneer women, the pieced or appliqued quilt, is a much desired luxury for today's homemaker.

For the quilt, a beautiful example of early handcrafts, is a lovely accent for any home.

Some of us are fortunate in having had a quilt handed down from a belovd grandmother. But for those of us who arent so fortunate is could be a happy experience to make one of our own.

This ebook has been planed for just that --to give you the needed instructions to make your own "heirloom" and to enjoy and exciting and rewarding venture into quilt-making.

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What this quilt ebook contains






Quilting Motifs

Bluebell Quilt

Star Flower

Balloon Girl

Pioneer Patch

Double Irish Chain

Variable Star

Maple Leaf

Dresden Plate

Sister's Chioce

Martha Washington's Wreath

Yankee Pride

Job's Troubles

Jacob's Ladder

Drunkard's Path or Love Ring

Bab's Pets

Nine-Patch Variation


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In applique, the units instead of being pieced together, are whip-stitched in place on a solid-color block to form the design. Sometimes both patchwork and applique are combined to form a design such as a flower. The petals of a tulip may be made in patchwork to form a block, then the stems ancl leaves are appliqued in place an this block to complete the motif.

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The units are made and the seam allowances are pressed back in the same manner as for Patchwork (see page 7) under "How to Make a Pattern" and “How to Cut Pieces". There is one thing to remember though — when cutting applique units, it is necessary to clip in well to the fold an curves so that the units will lie flat when stitched in place. When making a flower design, the stems are usually made by cutting bias strips 1 1/2” inches wide.

You will find patterns and more useful information in this ebook. "Quilts On Parade" and you can get it immediately by using the "Buy Now" button below.

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