Quilt Block Patterns Patchwork and Applique

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Quilt block patterns brought to you from “Virginia Snow Patchwork Designs”. Both applique and patchwork quilt patterns included in this book

Quilt making as in colonial days is again the dominating feature in the field of Art Needle Work. To day thrift is a fashionable virtue and can be expressed in no better way than by making these beautiful patch quilts.

These patterns are being searched for in the libraries, book shops, stores and at out of the way farm houses where a rare treasure is often unearthed from some trunk or cedar chest.

Virginia Snow with the cooperation of Grandma Dexter has made every effort to present to you in this new book a varied collection of old and new quilt patch patterns and a number of lovely original applique designs.

Quilt making is an Art to itself and Virginia Snow has had no small part in developing it to the practical-economical state it is today.

The quilt block patterns in this book are all given in beautiful colors. This will be a great help to the quilt maker in developing an attractive color scheme. A number of suggestions as to placing the finished blocks are also shown.

All cutting patterns shown in this book are actual finished size and one quarter (1/4) inch must always be allowed for seaming.

To make these patterns, trace or cut designs from the book and mount on cardboard and cut out. This gives a firm pattern for cutting the blocks and assured symmetry in the finished quilt.

The life of a quilt depends a great deal on the thread used in making it. "Dexter Sewing Cotton" is no longer available but Coat and Clarks is a thread you can depend upon for strength and durability.

You can find thread and fabric at Quilting Fabric at Joann.com

In many quilts the plain block often holds a beautifully quilted design in colon For this work Dexter's quilting twist of boil proof rayon Art. 1128 is ideal. This thread comes in many lovely colors and will greatly enhance the beauty of your quilt.

Quilt block patterns included

Six 12" blocks for Sunbonnet Girl, Eccentric Star, Flower Basket, Sunflower, Sweet Pea Wreath,  Modern Tulip,  Oriental Star,  Dublin Steps,  Jacobs Ladder,  Triangle Puzzle,  Building block,  Colonial Bow Tie,  Flower Pot,  Rose Wreath,  Floral Wreath,  Good Luck Clover Leaf,  Patch Flower Basket,  Scarf “Eight Pointed Star”,  Evergreen Tree,  Lotus Star,  Mohawk Trail,  Four Corners,  Small Double Wedding Ring,  World’s Fair,  Eight Pointed Star,  Bay Leaf,  Mary’s Fan,  Flower Basket,  Oriental Star,  Modern Star,  Grandmothers Flower Garden,  Windmill Star,  Star X,  Sky Rocket,  Orange Peel, Sunflower,  Steps to the White House,  Crazy Star,   Triple Stripe,   Windmill, Hour Glass, Dresden Basket,  Kaleidoscope,  Brazil Butterfly,  Orchid Butterfly,  Tropical Butterfly,  Sylvan Butterfly,  Queen Butterfly,  Rainbow Butterfly,   Whirling Star,   Star block,  Triangle Squares,  Star Wedge,  Dervish Star,  Baseball block,

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The Virginia Snow Studios present this new quilt book in full color with considerable pride and the authentic endorsement of the National Art Needle Work Society. May you enjoy working out the designs we have selected as the very loveliest from many hundreds.

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