Printable Doll Clothing Patterns

"Fashion doll clothes"

Printable sew todays fashions for 18-inch doll

You can show off your style with this free  printable sewing patterns for doll clothes and other handmade fashion doll clothes you create yourself.

You can be the designer of many evening gowns using this pattern. Sewing these beautiful fashion doll clothes yourself is inexpensive and fun. Create it to give to your daughter, a friend or even sell them if you would like.

Don't forget the doll clothes accessories

Go ahead and have fun, put your imagination into the fabrics, prints, colors and accessories. You can add such things as some long black evening gloves, and a pair of high heels to provide the finishing touches to her nostalgic look. She will look sensational wearing one of these outfits. From her office job to beach and than off to the ball room, this set of free barbie doll patterns will cover it all.

Your work will not go unnoticed  and just may be the beginning of a small home business to earn extra cash at home. Yes you do have permission to sell the doll clothes you make from these patterns.

This is an elegant ball gown complete with a stole. This gown is a 1960s style and the doll will look elegant and graceful. The gown lays nicely is a sleek stylish manner of the 60s style.

60s gown doll cloths

Free doll pattern for a Evening Gown

(This set includes 5 outfits) These are the pattern pieces for the gown and stole.

Pattern #1 Evening Gown

Doll Size: For any 11 1/2 inch fashion doll

Materials needed: Scraps of fabric, snaps, hook and eye, trim of choice.  This can be sewn by hand or on the machine.

Bodice: Make darts and sew on line indicated

Skirt: Gather top of skirt front between dots indicated, to fit bodice front

Skirt Panels: Sew and trim on 2 back panels. Baste to skirt matching notches on the 3 sides and sew and hem. Then stitch to bodice Hem back opening and back slit at waist.

Sew on snaps where needed and hem bottom of the skirt.

Cummerbund: Press under on fold lines and blind-stitch Gather ends Turn under and sew Sew snaps to fit dolls waist

Stole: Sew stole and lining. Leave open where indicated Turn, press and stitch opening, turn the raw edges in Sew hook and eye where indicated.

You can draw out the patterns below using the scale of 1 square = 1/4 inch or you can simply buy the ebook and print out the patterns.

doll patterns to sew

Printable patterns for the fashion doll patterns in this set include:

Full-size patterns and sewing instruction for any 11 1/2" fashion doll - ebook includes all full-size patterns and instructions to make the complete Glamor Girl 10 piece wardrobe. No need to draw them out, they are all ready to print. It is only $2.99

Doll clothes gifts you can sew
Only $2.99
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This complete wardrobe includes: Evening Gown, stole, daytime dress, panties, slacks, skirt, summer top, business dress, jacket, and coat.

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