Making Polar Fleece Mittens

"How to make mittens"

Making polar fleece mittens is not that time consuming. In fact, they only take about an hour to make. The materials are not that hard to find either, which means this is a quick project and ideal project for beginners.

The supplies that are needed for a pair of these mittens includes some fleece, sewing thread, elastic, paper to trace a pattern and a zipper. As you can see, there is no large expense to making the mittens. This is part of what makes them perfect for gifts.

Easy fingerless mittens

With texting being all the range today, the fact that these mittens have a removable area over the fingers is a real plus. This will make the people using the mittens enjoy wearing them. They will not have to take off the whole mitten to use their phones.

Fleece is easy to sew and comes in so many different colors. You can make pairs match any jacket you and others may own. It also is durable in the washing machine. This also makes it easy for people to take care of the finished mittens.

Another part of these being so easy to make is that the pattern can be made to fit any size of hands. Since the pattern is just a tracing of the person's hands, there is no limit on what size of mittens can be made. This means you can easily make the whole family these polar fleece mittens including the boys or men.

Add a scarf to your mitten pattern

You could make a simple fleece scarf and the  mittens to match. This would make an ideal gift set for any occasion. A variety of trims can also be used to decorate the mittens further than the basic pattern. The color of the zipper can be a bright color different from the fleece. This way it is not only how to unzip the mittens but also trim them.

A fun addition to these mittens could be having a flip top on the thumb. This way the thumb tip could be exposed to help with texting and other tasks. Of course, with a pattern this easy you can change it up any way you would like.

Polar fleece mittens

If you have a lot of these mittens to make, you can cut them all out at the same time. Stack and mark the pieces according to the person they are for, and then sew the pieces together to make the mittens. This will even cut your time down even more than it already is.

Once you are finished with them, it is time to give them to the people you had in mind. Watch them smile as they see the time you took to make a gift for them. They will also be pleased you gave them such a useful gift.

Download your free pattern here This pattern is in zip form. You will need to unzip it and have adobe to open it.

By all this information, it is quite easy to see why you should consider sewing at one or two pairs of the polar fleece mittens. They are easy to make, take care of, people will love them, and you can make them for all ages.

Polar Fleece Mittens to Free Patterns

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