Plus Size Sewing Patterns

Sewing for a plus size person can be both challenging and rewarding. For the full size woman it is not easy to find attractive comfortable clothes at the retail stores.

You most likely need to go to specialty stores to find a good selection of fashionable styles. The beautiful dress Nikki Blonsky is wearing would not be that difficult to recreate.

Buying off the rack is the worse of all. They usually only carry those large shapeless sacks for anyone over size 18. The popular fashion designers still seem to think everyone should be pencil thin with bones protruding everywhere. But the truth is we all have curves and lots of us have plenty of them.

Sewing is a wonderful way to create a beautiful wardrobe to fit your distinct body type.

Sewing patterns plus size

Sewing patterns plus size

Yes there are some catalogs that do carry clothes for larger woman such as Romans larger size and Jessica London, they do have a nice assortment to choose from. Use these catalogs for ideas and for up to date fashions and styles.

Full figure designer clothes can be very expensive. Some designers are just beginning to see that the full figure woman wants attractive clothes also. But you will pay dearly to get them.

Sewing is one way to gain a beautiful and varied wardrobe at a fraction of a designer’s price. For the plus size kids you just about have to sew for them if they are going to have any selection at all.

Full figure sewing is no harder to master than any other sewing and you will have fun adding and changing patterns as you become proficient. It is even more rewarding because you are the fashion designer. You choose the pattern, fabric and any embellishments you choose to use.

Or if you are not quit ready for sewing your whole outfit, using the full figure sewing patterns than try making accessories to dress up a basic outfit. You will find many nice clothes in the Romans plus size catalog to choose from. Than you can embellish it with new buttons, scarves, belts and/or beads creating a one of a kind fashion statement.

How to sew a dress

One thing the large ladies seem to do a lot, is try to cover their size up. This is totally the wrong approach. When choosing a pattern take your shape into consideration not your size.

Are you an apple shape or a pear? Are you tall or short? The answer to these questions should help you decide on your next sewing project. Color is also a consideration; large does not mean you have to wear dark colors.

Of course we don’t want to have a moo moo dress made up in fabric with huge flowers and a background of bright lime green. The full figured person can wear colors and prints as well as anyone, but even the smallest person has to take their shape and coloring into consideration when creating their wardrobe.

Nobody wants a wardrobe full of kaftans in black and navy. You can wear any style you choose and in the colors you love. So have fun and enjoy sewing yourself a new fashionable wardrobe that fits you.

Free plus size patterns for lounging pants

These lounging pants are a little project I found and they can easily be made into full figure sewing patterns. This is a great and easy pattern for lounge pants that you can make up in any size. The pattern is basic and the instructions are clear. Have fun and make up many pair in various colors and fabrics. They will be so comfortable and relaxing after a hard day at work and you will look so good.

Plus Size to Sewing Solutions

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