Plus Size Apron Pattern

Sew plus size apron easy

A plus size apron is not all that difficult to make. You really don't even need a pattern to make one. Choosing a print might be the hardest part of the whole process! Aprons can be made from a variety of fabrics.

sew your own plus size

Lets make your own apron pattern and save lots of money. Look at the half apron included on this page, for instance, and have picked your fabric you’re ready to get started. Next determine how much coverage you want.

Do you want your apron to wrap around your hips and to fall past your knees? A full apron or a straight apron? Time to pull out that measuring tape.

You can use tissue paper as a template (but it's not necessary) or just measure and cut. Hang the fabric and drap in front of you to determine length and width you desire and then measure.

Don’t forget to add your seam allowances to the measurements before you cut your fabric! Use your tissue paper like a pattern and lay it out on your fabric.

sew-stitch-learn plus size sewing patterns

Instructions for your plus size apron

To make a plus size apron measure fabric from end to end. Than multiply this number by 1.5 times.

Say side to side is 40 inches, times this by 1.5 and you will have 60 inches. This is great for the plus size as often you can't find patterns in this range. Now you don't need a pattern just measure and cut.

Now add 1 ½ inches for hemming this side The waist band will measure 2 times your waist plus 5 inches.

For the length will be however long you want it plus 6 inches for hem. This will allow for all seam allowances plus a nice hem.

Then measure around your waist to figure out how long to make your ties. Ties at the waist can add another decorative element. Fabric choices, the width of the ties, pleats, as well as the length of the ties can all add character to your apron. Make your ties long enough and you can wrap them back around your waist to tie in the front.

Sewing up your apron:


Fold waistband in half crosswise with wrong sides together and lightly press to mark center fold. Unfold.

Press ½” to the wrong side on one crosswise edge.

Place interfacing, fusible side down, on wrong side of fabric, aligning crosswise edge with marked center of band, leaving ½ inch on edges.

Fuse according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Apron Front:

Hem sides of apron by pressing under ½ “ to the wrong side.

Turn under ½” again and press. Stitch ¼” from folded edge. On apron bottom, turn under ½” and stitch in place.

For hem, turn up 2” and pin in place. Hand or machine stitch in place.

Apron Top:

Idea: You can also add a small tea towel to the waist band. The towel will always be handy when you need it. Just lay it on the waist band and stitch it in at the same time you gather the top.

For gathering, stitch two rows of stitching. Set machine to a longer stitch length. Stitch about 3/8” from upper edge and again 1/8” from upper edge. Pull up gathers until the top of the apron measures 17”.

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