Patterns for Doll Clothes and Dolls

Free patterns for doll clothes and charity dolls, boy, girl, lion, bear, rabbit, clown n more.  Lovable tub babies eight enchanting playmates, originated by Helen Radler as go to sleep friends for hospitalized children. Cut from foam rubber chair pads, cover with terry toweling, embroider and dress. About 14” height, make two from one pad. Dolls and removable clothes are washable Patterns and directions for all Terry-Covered Dolls

These are general rules for every doll and the links below will take you to the page for each doll. These charity patterns for doll clothes and doll will thrill any child suffering from a traumatic event in their life.

Equipment: Scissors, Needles, Paper for patterns, Tracing paper. Pencil. Ruler, Straight pins; Ball-point pen. Lightweight cardboard Terry cloth toweling 36” wide,' 1/2 yard for each; matching sewing thread. Foam rubber cushion pad 16" square, 1" thick (makes two)‘. Large scraps of cotton fabric in a variety of colors and prints; bias tape to match’ or blend with fabrics; matching sewing thread. Ribbon. Embroidery floss. Yam for hair. White pipe cleaner 12' long for rabbit. Baby and regular rick rack.

DIRECTIONS ; Enlarge patterns below by copying on paper ruled in 1” squares; complete all half-patterns indicated by long dash lines. Short dash lines on clothing patterns indicate seam and hem allowances.

To Make Doll Body:

One 16” square foam pad makes stuffing for two dolls. Cut two bodies and four arm pieces out of lightweight cardboard to make durable patterns. Place patterns, on foam rubber padding; with ball-point pen mark outlines on padding. Cut bodies and arms out of foam; cut and trim away sharp edges.

For each doll, fold terry cloth in half crosswise. Place one body and two arms on one folded terry cloth. Adding 1/2" on all edges for seams, cut/body and arms of terry cloth through both thicknesses. Make a tracing of face; pin on one terry cloth head as a guide.

Each doll has a separate face except Sleepy Boy and Girl and Country Boy and Girl; for these use same face for boy and girl. Using six strands of floss in needle, embroider features on head through tracing; eyes and noses and cheeks are satin stitch; mouths are outline stitch. Sleepy Boy and Sleepy Girl eyes and Lion top nose are straight stitch as illustrated. After embroidering, tear away tracing paper.

Place one foam body between two terry cloth bodies; turning seam allowance and overcast cloth bodies together, making terry cloth cover fit snugly. Overcast two terry cloth arms together with foam arm between; repeat for second arm. Stitch finished arm to each side of body at point indicated on pattern by X’s.

Patterns for doll clothes links below

Patterns for Doll Clothes to Printable Sewing Patterns

Country Girl Country Boy, Sleepy Girl, Sleepy Boy

Clown, Bear, Rabbit, Lion

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