Free patterns for doll clothes and dolls

Free patterns for doll clothes and dolls for charity work. These are soft and adorable, just right for hugging.  Main pattern can be found here.

To Make Hair:

For Country Girl, cut thirty strands of yam each 12" long. Beginning at center top of head stitch center of each strand in parallel rows to halfway down back of head. Stitch strands flat to head, all around side and back. Use eight 3" long strands for bangs and stitch centers across entire forehead. .

For Country Boy, cut thirty strands of yarn 9" long. Stitch to head as for girl. For bangs use eight 2" lengths.

For Sleepy Girl, cut 30 strands of yarn each 12" long. Beginning at center top of head stitch center of each piece in parallel rows to half way down back. Bring strands slightly across face and stitch flat in place at temples. Pull ends together at sides with 8” long ribbon for each; tie bows. Trim ends of strands. For bangs, cut three strands each 4" ‘long; stitch centers of strands at center top of head.

For Sleepy Boy, cut eight pieces of yarn each 8" long. Place in a line across top of head and stitch down at sides and above one side to give effect of side part as shown. For back of head, cut 14 strands of yarn each 6" long. Fold each strand in half and stitch centers across top back of head. Tack ends at bottom.

Free patterns for doll clothes

Country Boy: Cut front and back pants of solid fabric; slash at crotch up to cross line. With right sides facing, stitch together at sides and crotch with ¼ ” seams. Turn to right side. Make1/4 ” hem on all other edges and top stitch with two rows of stitching in contrasting color thread. Cut two 1 ¼ ” square patches each of different printed fabrics. With large straight stitches of black thread, stitch patches onto pants as shown. For straps, cut four strips of bias tape each 8” long. Sew two together (wrong sides facing) to make double straps. Turn in corners on one end of each to make pointed ends; stitch closed. Sew straps on pants with pointed ends in‘ front on outside and stitch on with large black floss cross-stitches; cross at center hack

For hat, cut piece of burlap 3 ½ ” x '7". Fold in half crosswise; stitch edges of one side together with 1/4 ” seam. Turn hat to right side; fringe raw edges by pulling out cross threads. Stitch to head.

Country Girl: Cut two dress pieces, one for front and one for back, out of printed fabric. With right sides facing stitch sides and shoulders together with,1/4 ” seams. Bind bottom edge, neckline, and armholes with bias tape. Stitch rickrack all around tape to trim. For pocket, cut matching fabric piece 2 ¼ ” X 2 ½ ". Press ¼ " to wrong side on all edges; place on dress front and top stitch with two rows of stitching on sides and bottom.

For scarf, cut one piece of same fabric as dress. Make 1/4 " hem on all edges mitering corners neatly.

Sleepy Girl: Cut two tops and two pajama pants of dotted swiss (for pants, use pattern for Bear pants). For lining, cut two tops and two pants of plain white fabric. Place a lining and a dotted swiss piece together with i-sight sides facing for fronts and backs of tops and pants. Stitch together at neckline and armholes and around legs. Turn to right side. Place backs and fronts together with right sides facing; stitch shoulders and sides of top, and sides of pants together with ¼ " seams. Stitch ¼ ” hems on lower edge of top and around waist of pants. Turn lo right side. Stitch eyelet beading around neckline, top hem, and pant legs. Thread ribbon through eyelet on top hem; stitch ribbon ends together at seam. Thread long length of ribbon through each eyelet of pant leg and neckline with ends free at center front for gathering. Tie bows after dressing.

Sleepy Boy: Cut front and back of printed fabric. Slash at crotch up to crossline. On front, slash at centers of neckline down to crossline and round top corners as indicated by short dash line on pattern, With right sides facing, sew shoulders, sides and crotch together with ¼ ” seams. Bind sleeves, legs, and neckline with bias tape. Make two large, loose cross- stitches of black floss at neck opening. After dressing boy, pull end of floss to tighten stitches.

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