Mother Daughter Aprons

These Mother Daughter aprons are easy enough for a first time gift maker to sew, but they don't look it.

Mother's apron:

For Mother's, you'll need three 22" bandannas and 2 yards 1" grosgrain ribbon. For Daughter's apron, use one bandanna, 1 yard ribbon.

Sew two bandannas together. Fold top edge back 2" hem. Make second row stitching ½ inch from top. Cut two 10" square pockets from third bandanna. Sew in center of each. Run ribbon through top hem.

Daughter's apron:

Turn bottom bandanna edge up 7 1/2" to right side; stitch through center, at edges, in between for pockets.

Fold back 1 1/2" at top edge; hem. Make second seam 1/4" from top. Slip ribbon through hem.

Free apron patterns

Matching hoop aprons are pretty for cooks of all sizes. Buy 22” bandanna, 2 yards rickrack, apron hoop for large apron; 17” bandanna, 1 ¾ yards 1” ruffling, 1 ¾ yards rickrack, small hoop for little apron.

Hoop aprons:

Fold over one corner of bandanna so point is 9" from fold on large apron, 8" on small apron.

Press. Open ; top-stitch ruffle on triangle, stopping at crease.

Turn over scarf ; top-stitch ruffling along remaining edges.

Sew rickrack to cover heading or ruffling. Fold flap over on press line.

Run row of stitching 1" below fold for casing.

Insert apron hoop.

The childs is made up in the same manner as the mothers.

These are so easy and the child loves having her own, just like Moms.

This project is an old one but a good one. Even today these would make a good project for the beginner.

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Mother Daughter Aprons to Free Aprons Patterns

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