Making a tablecloth and napkins

How to make table settings

Making a tablecloth, and napkins, place mats, can be accessories you can use all year round. Or make  them in white or green with red on to carry out a holiday motif.

Bandanna trimmed cloth. Hem 54X90 inch strip red Indian head. Cut blue bandanna in 4 squares; hem. Stitch 2 edges of square 7 inches in from tablecloth corner so sides are parallel to cloth edge. Sew white ring to cloth 14 inches in from corner. Slip loose bandanna end through ring. Napkins are bandannas.

Holiday tablecloth. Cut four yards red and white striped flannelette in half; sew together lengthwise. Cut width to 54 inches; hem. Cut white flannelette in ten tree shapes 5 1/2 inches tall. Baste 3 trees t clothe on each side, 2 on each end. Tree bases are red flannelette. Stitch green fringe around trees

Buy an 81x108" double bed sheet. The length marked on the package is the sheet's length before hemming Actual length of your new sheet after hemming is 103". Regain 5" by ripping hem before you start.

(If 100% cotton) These sheets shrink in length so you'll want to launder the sheet first.

Diagram for making a tablecloth

Cut table settings according to the diagram,  above. For tablecloth, put a thumb tack with 36" string tie to it 36" from edge of sheet. Tie a pencil to the other end. With this you can draw a 72" circle.

Follow same procedure for napkins, using 6" string for tea napkins, 7 3/4" string for napkins.

To draw half-circle place mats, use  9" string, then put tack on edge of sheet.
Bind tablecloth with double-fold tape, stitching on loops as you go. To mark position of
loops, fold circle in half. Fold in half again to make fourths, then in half once more.

Make light pencil mark in corner of each fold. You will have eight marks evenly spaced to show position of loops.

Finish matching napkins in same manner with one loop trim on each napkin.
Stitch edge of place mats and tea napkins under 1/4". Sew rickrack over raw edge.

Gay apron and place mat set. From 1 yard, 54 inch Indian head, cut two 14x18" place mats and four 5x7" pieces for pot holders. Apron takes 36X18" piece for main part, 4x16" strip for waistband, two 4x32" strips for ties.

Thrifty kitchen gifts. These are from 1 yard 36 inch fabric. Cut two 12x17 inch place mats, one 18x26 inch dish towel, four 9 inch squares for pot holders. Put cotton quilting between two pot holder squares, quilt with zigzag stitch.

Making a Tablecloth to Easy Sewing Projects

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