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Step by step instructions about how to sew on a button by hand. This is not a big job but when paying a cleaners or alterations person to do this could add up to quit a sum over a period of time. This page will explain how to do this simple task and you some money.

There are two different ways to do this, by hand or with a sewing machine. If you are only replacing one button than sewing it on by hand is the easiest. But if you have made a new garment or decided to replace all the buttons you may want to use a sewing machine. You will find instructions for how to sew on a button using a sewing machine here.

Items you will need are, a needle, matching thread and naturally the button. Hopefully you have the matching button but if not check inside of the garment because the manufactures often attach a spare. 

Also to consider is how the other buttons are sewn on.  Your button may have two, three or four holes. Notice in the diagram how the various buttons are sewn in the manner of an X, l l, box, or an arrow. Sew the new button on in the same manner as the others. 

(Note) If this button receives a lot of strain you can reinforce it by attaching a smaller button or a piece of fabric on the opposite side (inside) of the garment.

A straight pin is really handy to help you from sewing to tight. Just lie it across the button while sewing. This stops you from sewing the button too tightly and preventing you from being able to button it. You need a little room and flexibility for pulling the button through the buttonhole.

Step by step how to sew on a button

1 – Thread the needle with about 18 or so inches of thread. Thread through the eye of the needle and pull to half the thread length. 
2 – Fold thread in half and put a small know in the end where both ends come together.
3 – Place the button you have chosen, in the proper spot by using this technique to help mark the correct spot. You don’t want your button too high or lower than the buttonhole.

4 – From the reverse side of the fabric poke the needle and thread through the fabric and buttonhole.
5 – Lay thread over the straight pin lying on top of the button (or you could have it under the button, it just needs to give some slack when taken out) and poke the needle down into the next hole on the button.
6 – Repeat 4 and 5 until your button is secure. About three or four times for each button hole sides should do it. Ending on reverse side.
7 - Knot the thread off on the reverse side. Make a couple of knots to secure the button.
8 – Now cut the thread and remove the straight pin.

You now have a new strong button on your garment and it only took a few minutes.  Learning how to sew a button on just saved you $5.00 to $10.00

Now if you have lots of buttons to sew on, I suggest you to to sewing on a button using a sewing machine

How to Sew On A Button by Hand to How to Sew on A Button With A Machine

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