18 Tips How To Make Doll Clothes

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“Learn how to sew doll clothes”

Here are 18 easy tips on how to make doll clothes. These tips will apply to any doll from Cabbage Patch, to the ever popular Barbie doll. Especially helpful when you sew for the smaller dolls, such as Riley, Bitty Bethany or Bratz.

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Tips for making doll clothes

1. Use lighter fabrics as the heavier they are the harder they will be to work with for the smaller dolls.

2. Use small print fabrics. The tiny prints work better for doll size garments.

3. You can print patterns out from online and trace them off on paper bags or interfacing and keep in a folder.

4. When getting your pattern online, print off the picture of the doll pattern and pieced. You can tape or staple the picture to the front of the folder and keep all pieces inside for easy retrieval.

5. Placing a piece of masking tape on the dog feed plate on the sewing machine will help be a guide for the seam width. When learning how to make doll clothes this is invaluable.

6. A little bit smaller stitches look more professional.

7. Zig-zag or serge seams if possible to prevent raveling. No room for turning in edges with these tiny clothes.

8. Iron as you go this makes sewing much easier and neater.

9. Embroidery machine stabilizer paper is really handy for stretch fabrics. It can easily be pulled out when completed.

10. Use elastic on the short sleeves or just hem. Binding makes it hard to get the dolls hands in.

11. I use two rows of stitching for gathering,one just above the stitching line, and one below.

12. Snaps, hook and loop fasteners are better than buttonholes and buttons on these little garments

13. Ribbon can ofter be used for straps on dresses and undergarments.

14. Clip seams as indicated or the garment will not lay correctly.

15. Use a small safety pin attached to one end of the elastic and then push it through the casing for pulling elastic through casing .

16. Top-stitching close to the edge of folded edge can give a more professional look to these smaller garments. Not necessary but a nice finishing touch.

17. Always fit garments to doll as you go. Everyone has a different sewing style and the smallest sewing alternation can make a big difference!

18. If you make lots of doll clothes remember to keep small pieces of lace, prick brack, and fabric as these are all great for dressing up doll clothes

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