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Here you will begin to learn how to make dog clothes. Do you like to dress your dog up in pet clothes or maybe have a friend that does? Dog apparel is a very  popular purchase for pet owners. From lounge wear to formal fashions, today's pet can be dressed to the nines limited only by the owner's imagination. There are even booties, sunglasses and beach wear available for your furry friend!


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From the hard to find big dogs clothing to the tiny toy dog clothes, there are several things to consider when dressing up your dog. Their size, the weather conditions and (very important) if the dog will tolerate clothing.

From dog vests to their beds, the items can all be sewn. Pet apparel comes in many sizes for all breeds. Here are some simple measurements for you can use to determine the correct size clothing. Size and measurements are important when learning how to make dog clothes.

Always keep in mind if your dog is on the border between two sizes than choose the larger size to ensure proper fit and comfort. The dogs comfort and safety always comes before fashion.

A dog is real cute in a turtle neck sweater, but never in the summer. He will over heat even faster than a human because he has no sweat glands and that can be lethal.

Dog Clothes

And don't forget your dog lover friends and family. Dog clothes make great gifts and the products you buy out of department stores are really cheap dog clothes.

You can easily thrill your friend with quality and uniquely made outfits. Big dog clothes or tiny dog clothes you can make them all easily and inexpensively. Some simple rules for you to begin learning how to make dog clothes.

free dog clothes sewing patterns

Big dog clothes or tiny dog clothes

Dog clothes patterns
Dog clothes outfit

(a) Measure the circumference of the neck - An accurate measurement here is essential to the dog's comfort and breathing ability. You always want at least 2 fingers to fit easily between the clothing neckline and the dogs neck.

(b) Measure the broadest part of the chest - Always measure the chest at its widest point. If you have a large size dog it is recommended to select the next size above your dogs measurement for comfort.

(c) Measure the length of the backbone - This should be done from the base of the head to the base of the tail. This is from where the collar sits on his neck to the area where the tail is attached to his back.

Weight is never a good tool for determining apparel sizes as a dogs build can vary significantly even while weighing the same. If you consider the build of a Doberman and a Rottweiler, you will see how they can often be in the same weight class but they have completely different body shapes.

Dog clothes outfit

Free dog clothes patterns

This is an easy free dog clothes pattern. It is an easy and no sew sweatshirt. Also if you knit here is a large dog sweater pattern.

When learning how to make dog clothes, you must also consider the dog breed and the climate you live in. For example if you have an Alaskan Malamute (or any other thick coated, cold weather breed) in a hot climate it can be life-threatening to "dress-up" your dog during the summer months.

Over-heating and dehydration is one of the leading causes of dog fatalities during the summer months.

There are breeds that do require additional clothing during the winter months. Chihuahuas and some other short haired breeds are notorious for suffering from the cold weather, even indoors with the air conditioning on. Or when you keep your dog trimmed short he made need a sweater or jacket.

Dog pajamas can be essential for these small dogs. Also older dogs with arthritic can lose body heat and get a chill at night while sleeping.

You can find numerous free knitting patterns for dogs and other ways to create clothing for your furbabies. There are knitting, crochet and sewing patterns readily available online through out the net.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to make dog clothes. Dressing your dog in pet clothes, you must always consider his safety first. Pet apparel can be a fun way to display your dogs personality and your own creativity.

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