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HGTV has one of the best quilt shows on TV. If you are dying to make a quilt, but aren't quite sure where to start, Simply Quilt is full of great information that can help a person take their love of quilting to the next level.

This show that stars Alex Anderson and takes viewers on a journey through quilting and everything that they need to create some of the most remarkable custom quilts around. HGTV has given us a valuable tool that allows anyone the chance to make a stunning quilt.

There are some things you learn watching quilting shows such as Simply Quilt that are vital to learning the process.

Determine how big you want to make your quilt. Unless you have a general idea, you might end up with a design that is too large, or too small for the vision you had in mind.

Layout your blocks before you begin to piece them together. This way if there are any problems, you can resolve them without having to unstitch everything. Decide on the pattern or scheme that you want to quilt.

Because quilting is a labor of love, make sure you can dedicate some time to the project every day. Perhaps a good time to do this is while you are watching the different HGTV quilting shows. From there you can incorporate some unique ideas of your own.

There are some important things you can learn everyday about quilting as well. Some hints can be given on how to make the process easier for you, and more enjoyable.

Thimbles work well to protect your fingers but can be bulky. Try placing some heavy tape on the tips instead.

Having the right sewing machine is essential. Before you pick up your fabric, make sure it will work with the machine you have.

Each quilt has different yarn and needle requirements, verify you have everything that is required for a quilt before you begin. Otherwise you might end up in a place you can't stop, but with no supplies to help you finish it.

In general we find that there are six major types of quilts. Each has a purpose, and can be fun and challenging to make.

Hgtv A few ideas for fairly easy quilts

Memory Quilt: These quilts are laced together with pieces from an important time in your life. Some women make a quilt from their old wedding dress or children's clothing as a way to have a piece they can enjoy while having a quilt to keep them warm.

Traditional/Contemporary Quilts: These quilts are usually stitched by hand and have simple patterns. More traditional quilts will be solid color patchwork, while contemporary ones will have various designs and themes.

Children's Quilts: These quilts are designed with a simple presentation. Because children may swallow small objects, there aren't normally buttons and other items that can be used to embellish a quilt.

Patriotic Quilts: In recent years the patriotic quilts have seen a rise in popularity. They can be made from retired flags and army uniforms. Usually it is a good idea to get permission from an organization before crafting one of these, especially if you plan on displaying it in a public place.

Art Quilts: Another very popular design, the art quilts have the quilter be creative with their designs. Usually these patterns have elaborate designs such as rows of different colored flowers, or even a Christmas tree with bulbs on it. Each piece of the art work is a different colored piece of material to give you an amazing design.

Remember that there are a number of different options and the HGTV quilting shows can help you to learn more about this amazing hobby. Take some time from your schedule, and craft a quilt for someone you love.

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