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Free Barbie Sewing Patterns

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Here you will find your complete set of free Barbie sewing patterns which consist of 10 really cute outfit pieces. These patterns can create over 10 Mix & Match Outfits. Each piece is complete with the patterns and instructions needed for sewing and putting them together.

You can either draw the barbie dolls clothes patterns out yourself or purchase the ebook and have them ready to print and use. Either way this is a great collection of Barbie doll clothes patterns and you don't want to miss this set.

Sew a Barbie Outfit

Barbie doll clothes patterns

These can be made up for any 11 ½ inch fashion doll and when completed you will have an entire wardrobe. If you are thinking of Christmas or birthdays this will be the perfect gift for you doll lover.

Using your left over fabric is really economical and thrifty. You can make up these 10 mix and match sets in no time and create a wardrobe like nobody else has. There are also many free Barbie sewing patterns here.

free doll dress patterns

Sewing doll clothes

All of the free Barbie sewing patterns and the outfits listed below are all included on this site. You may draw out the patterns for free or buy the ebook for a very small fee of only $2.99

1 Career Girl Dress (a cute little sheath every wardrobe should have)

2 Classic Skirt (the basic straight skirt for mix and match)

3 Chanel Jacket (match with skirt of slacks for great suits)

4 Sports Shorts (every doll needs a couple of pairs of shorts)

5Spectaror Blouse (can go with slacks, skirt or shorts)

6 Scoop Neck Blouse (another great mix and match piece)

7 Capri pants (for cool outfit match with the scoop neck blouse)

8 Town n Country Dress (this is the best for the dolls Sunday clothes)

9Favorite Date Dress (add a layer of lace or chiffon and you will have a glamor dress)

10 Year Round Coat (spring, fall and winter coat will complete this wardrobe)

Pattern for fashion dolls, how to sew pants

Patterns for sewing

These will fit such dolls as the teen or fashion dolls like Barbie, Midge, Tammy, Terry and/or Jan. Just as long as they are in the 11 inch to 12 inch range. Always remember when sewing doll clothes you will use a small ¼ inch seam allowance. This is approximately the width of one side of your sewing machine foot.

Each one of the pieces in these free Barbie sewing patterns are beautifully styled and fitted for the dolls. Lots of imagination when sewing up will create the most unique wardrobe.

Don't forget to be creative and use many prints, fabrics, overlay, lace and trims to dress up the designs. Pattens and sewing instructions are included all that is needed is your imagination.


No need to draw out the patterns if you don't want to. Printable patterns for the Mix and Match Wardrobe in this set include: Full size printable patterns in an ebook.

This comes to you in a zipped pdf file. You will need the free Adobe to read and print the patterns. Patterns will fit 11 to 12 inch fashion dolls. Instructions for assembly are included for only $2.99

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Sew Barbie Outfits

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