Child's Free Apron Pattern

Free Apron Pattern

From "Gifts You Can Sew" 1942

This free apron pattern is a great idea for keeping the childs clothes clean while finger painting or helping mommy bake.


MATERIAL . . . Percale, Indian Head or Denim — 1 yd.; J. & P. Coats Fine Percale Bias Trim in contrasting color;


Apron- Cut 1 piece of fabric using Pattern No. XIX chart below

NOTE: To make pattern actual size, transfer diagrams as shown to large paper marked with 1 inch squares. One square equals 1 inch.

Pocket - 1 piece, 8" (along selvage) x 17".



1. Bind 1 long edge of Pocket with Bias Trim.

2. Pin Pocket to Apron, wrong side of Pocket to right side of Apron, raw edge to raw edge at bottom.


1. Bind Apron around straight sides and bottom (binding in Pocket) and across top.

2 Measure off 72" of Bias Trim and, in one operation, apply for Ties, curved side binding and Neckband as follows:

Allow 16" for Tie string, baste binding to Apron, measure 19" for Neckband, baste binding to Apron, and leave 16" for other Tie string (Fig. 2).

Turn in raw ends. Stitch fold edges of binding together on Ties and Neckband at same time binding is stitched to Apron.

3. To finish Pockets, partitions are stitched as shown (Fig. 2) in accordance with size of toys.

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