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Finding free Barbie doll patterns can be a challenge. Especially with all the different types of Barbie's on the market, including the vintage Barbie's that many Moms have passed down to their daughters. Here you will find anything from Barbie shirts to beautiful wedding barbie doll gowns.

Barbie Millicent Roberts (her full name) has been around since her debut in 1959. She has been through more than 50,000 makeovers in the past 50 years. In 1961 an on/off relationship between Barbie and the newly released Ken Carson began.

In 2004 Mattel released a statement announcing a split between Barbie and Ken, saying they "needed time apart"[i]. Then in 2006, hoping to boost sales, they rekindled the pairs relationship with a Ken makeover.

Free Barbie doll clothes patterns for friends also

Barbie has had numerous friends, pets, and careers created for her. A few of her famous careers include Miss America, an Astronaut, a Registered Nurse, and an Olympic Gold Medallist. With all these different venues comes a myriad of clothes.

Barbie's wardrobe is limited only by your imagination. Her "commercial" wardrobe alone includes casual wear, formal wear, beachwear, sleepwear, coats and hats, plus what no girl can have enough of, shoes!

All little girls love dressing up their Barbie's and her friends. But those outfits and accessories can add up. If you like to sew and have a stash of scraps why not consider making your own Barbie wardrobe? With a little bit of time and some  patterns you can purchase at a very reasonable price, you can change those scraps of fabric into a fabulous ensemble!

When making vintage free barbie doll patterns

When searching for free Barbie doll patterns, first find out the size and shape of your Barbie Vintage Barbies from the 1960's have a barrel chest and tiny waists. While Barbie's from the 90's have a more natural feminine figure, curves and a belly button is a trademark of this doll.

Handmade free Barbie doll clothes

Most patterns can be used on any shape 11-½ inch doll. You might notice the outfit isn't as snug in areas depending on the doll but they are still fun to play with. If you want to create dress patterns for your own doll you can use foil as a template. Just wrap the foil around the Barbie doll for the bodice and trim to get the shape your looking for.

Once you have the shape you want, smooth it flat and then remember to add enough fabric for ¼ inch hems. The skirt is a rectangle and you just sew it to the bodice. You might have to make a couple of test runs to get it right but once done you will find yourself with a simple, yet elegant little sheath dress for Barbie.

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Some Knit and Crochet Doll Clothes

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