Fashion Doll Sewing Patterns

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One of the fashion doll sewing patterns you will find on this site. "Dinner Dance Gown 1936" You may use them as printable doll clothing patterns or draw them off using 1/4 inch graph paper.

The following fashion doll sewing patterns can be made of deep garnet red crepe or jersey with black jet bead work at neck and wrist. Garnet red pump style high heel shoes with black bead work on heel and toes.

Instructions for the fashion doll sewing patterns below

1 - Choose a doll with very short wavy hair as that was the style back in the 30s

2 - To make shoes to match gown fabric (should be deepest red, almost black) If color is unavailable use felt tip marking pen or a good acrylic spray paint to color ordinary vinyl shoes. Since you cannot sew tiny black beads onto this tiny shoe use black acrylic paint and dab dots around toe and heel of each shoe to look like tiny black beads. Use a straight pin or toothpick to dab the paint or the dots will be too big.

3 - Use an opaque fabric so that you will not have to put to put a petticoat under it. Normally a fitted slip may have been worn but on such a small doll it would show up as bulk and bulges under a sleek gown as this. A fabric with shimmering draping quality to it is necessary, such as crepe, jersey, thin silk, fine satin etc

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4 - Cut 4 panels of skirt and sew sides together, leaving 1 1/2 " open at top of C.B. seam. Roll hem or hand fold hem around bottom of skirt.

5 - Cut 2 each of bodice front, back and sleeves. Also 2 of lower sleeve facing (cut along broken line on sleeve pattern)

6 - Sew shoulder seams together. Sew C.F. seam together, then gather between the X's and fit into armholes of bodice and sew in place. Sew lower sleeve facings to each sleeve. Trim and turn right side out. Sew down underarm seams from the top of the facing seam to the underarm, than down the side seam of bodice. Use tiny hook to close lower sleeves. Gather lower edge of bodice at waist, pulling to fit doll's waist, then stay stitch gathers

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7 - Cut bias strips of same fabric about 5/8" wide, and face neck edge. Turn in C.B. placket and press

8 - Match C.F. seam of bodice and skirt together and sew bodice to skirt around waist. Fit on doll and adjust skirt to fit snugly from waist to thighs

9 - Use a tiny doll size zipper in back opening

10 - Use tiny black sew on beads and sew about 3 rows around neckline and 3 rows of beads around wrist of each sleeve. Ten sew a single row down the C.F. seam from neck edge to waist.

This is one of those fashion doll sewing patterns (shrug) that could be used to complement many outfits for the Barbie doll evening ware.

11 - Use a shaggy fur like monkey hair, fox, skunk or other similar fur or artificial fabric back fur to make the "shrug". Cut 2 fur fronts and 2 front linings of matching satin. Cut on fur back and on back lining. Sew top of sleeves together same way then sew lining to shrug around sleeve ends and down C.F. openings and around lower edge. Turn in neck edges and blind stitch together.

NOTE: If using real fur, be sure to cut it on the backside using a razor blade for best results. After sewing seams use a pin to pull hairs back through the seam
to the outside and brush down to cover seam. Shrug is left open in front.

Remember when sewing, the pattern allows for 1/4 inch seam allowance. Also when drawing out the pattern use graph paper with 1/4 inch squares so draw accordingly.

Fashion Doll Sewing Patterns to Doll Clothing

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