Free Doll Clothes Patterns

Expensive vs cheap doll clothes”

Finding free doll clothes patterns for the fashion helps save as the store bought clothes are very expensive and of poor quality.

How to make doll clothes

Sailor Girl Outfit

For 11 ½ Inch doll

Scraps of cotton fabric


(Seam allowance is ¼ ". Adjust all seams to fit your doll, you will need to add seam allowances before cutting.)

  1. Cut pants from white fabric. Cut jacket from navy blue fabric.
  2. Sew pants darts, front and back
  3. Sew seam BC.
  4. Sew seam BX.
  5. Sew side seams.
  6. Turn up leg bottoms and hem.
  7. Sew seam ABA.
  8. Fold waistband in half lengthwise (waist measurement plus ½” to 1") and, with right sides together, sew waistband to top of pants. Turn band up. Turn pants.
  9. Turn right side of back edge under ¼” . Sew small snap at waist.
  10. Sew jacket shoulder seams.
  11. Sew collar pieces together along outside edges. Turn collar.
  12. Sew collar to neckline with collar on inside of jacket. Turn collar down over seam.
  13. Clip front extension at V notch. Fold under top edges. Fold extension over end of collar seam and sew in place. Clip to stitching on collar seam if necessary.
  14. Turn sleeve bottoms under and hem.
  15. Sew under sleeve and side seams.
  16. Fold front edges under ¼ “. Turn up jacket bottom and hem.
  17. Sew small snaps at waist, bust and neckline. Pass red narrow ribbon under collar and tie in a square knot in front.

This pattern is easy to download and than print off. Remember it is in a zip file you will have to open and than a pdf file. The pattern pieces are on the standard size page of 8 ½ by 11 inches.

You can download the pattern by clicking on the link below

Sailor Outfit Doll Clothes Patterns

Fashion doll clothes

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Doll Clothes Patterns to Printable Sewing Patterns
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