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They say the best things in life are free and this is your free doll clothes pattern. That is certainly true when it comes to being able to get great patterns, like the Qipao dress pattern here, it is for the 11 to 12 inch fashion dolls and absolutely free. You just need to download it and open it with Adobe. You can than print it off and start laying out your pattern.

Children and collectors enjoy dressing up my dolls in their different outfits, lining them up, and having taking their picture. At this age the child is beginning to play around with fashion, learning styles and such.

She will mix and match outfits and colors, patters and designs.

Fashion doll clothes patterns

A large wardrobe for the fashion doll can be quit costly so if you have basic sewing skills, making them yourself will surely help the budget.

It doesn't require much fabric and thread and using these free patterns or the other patterns on this site for only $2.99 is a great budget saver. For less than $10.00 you could create an entire wardrobe and wrap it up for Christmas. For the delight of the child or collector.

Making doll clothes

One of the things that makes free doll clothes patterns such a great deal is the fact that almost everyone knows at least one little girl who loves playing dress up with their Barbie or other fashion doll.

Playing dress up means having clothes for Barbie to wear and lots of them. However, the price of those little bits of material when purchased in a store makes most parents and grand parents hesitate. However, free patterns means you can make Barbie and her friends clothing for little or no cost and as many as you want.

Qipao Barbie doll sewing patterns

The Qipao is a body hugging Chinese dress for women. It is also called the Mandarin gown. This style you see here was created in the 1920s and only the upper class wore it. Of course that is no longer the case and even the working class now wear the Qipao.

In the 17th century, the Manchurian conquerors (Qing Dynasty) invaded the Ming Dynasty and created a law that outlawed all the native Hanfu clothing and replaced them with the Qipao dress.

This pattern is for a fashion doll Qi Pao dress. This traditional Chinese qipao or mandarin gown, is well-known for its beauty and elegance and every fashion doll should have one in her wardrobe.

Qipao Doll Clothes Pattern

You can download your free Qi Pao Dress here. It is in a pdf file.

This little Qipao dress is a great piece to start with. It is very attractive and very easy. Requires very little fabric and minimal sewing skills. Best of all it is a free dress pattern.


1 /8 of a yard of fabric or less Two snap fasteners

One Bottle of Fray Check

Trims of your choice


1. Use fabric of choice—brocade, satin, silk—make it festive!

2. Cut out the required three pieces of fabric (See pattern).

3. apply Fray Check to all edges.

4. Sew together the parts labeled with the same letter(s).

5. Decorate and trim as You wish.

Pattern Pieces

1 piece Front

2 piece Back

Doll Clothes Pattern to Doll Clothing

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