Free Pattern Car Trash Bag

Free gift ideas to sew

Free pattern car trash bagFree pattern car trash bag Great idea for gifts you can sew

Free car trash bag pattern and instructions. This little easy sew project will make a great gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays or what ever occasion you need a quick but thoughtful gift for.

This makes up in about 30 minutes and you can adjust the size any way you choose. Want a longer strap? Cut the strap longer. Need a larger bag? Cut the bag longer or wider according to your needs. I trimmed my strap after putting it in the car as I just didn't care for how low it was hanging. So the next one I am going to cut the strap 2” shorter.

(Side note) For the frugal sewer, I just want to mention I found this fabric in a thrift store. It was a scrub top and I just love the fabric. So I bought it, washed and cut it apart and turned it into this car trash bag.

Great for gifts you can sew

What you will need:

Outer pieces (2) 10x10” squares

Liner (2) 10x10” squares

Strap (1) 2 1/2”x15” piece

(Note Strap: Your car may need the longeror shorter strap. I recommend you take a tape measure out and wrap it around where you plan to hang it and get an idea of how long you want it. But keep it at 2 1/2” wide)

Sew simple gifts for any occassion


Cut fabric as shown above.

Fold strap in half with right side facing.

Press and stitch 1/4” from edge.

Turn right side out and press again.

Fold in half and line up in the center, top on the right side of one outer piece. (This will be the top edge)

Outer panels:

Lay outside piece of fabric on the one you just put the strap on. You want these pieces fabric with right sides facing. Stitch along the 3 sides and the bottom 


Repeat as with outer panels. Stitch the three sides, leaving top open.

how to make square corners

Here you can either leave the bottom, as this or square off the corners if you choose. Easiest and fastest way is to just leave it and you will never notice the difference as this does not sit on the floor.

But if you choose the square corners you must turn outside piece inside out.

Poke out bottom corners and stitch across about 1 1/2" from tip. Do both corners. No need to do the liner.

Turn the liner of bag right side out.

Place it inside the outer bag, which should be wrong side out.

With right sides of fabric facing, place liner inside the outer bag, line up evenly and pin all around. Pin at side seams and strap.

(Make sure the strap is laying flat.)


Stitch around all layers 1/4” from the edge leaving a 2 ½ to 3” opening on opposite side of strap for turning the bag after stitching.

Now put your hand in the gap you left and pull entire bag back through it. Now you should have liner and outer pieces with both right sides out.

Tuck the liner down into the bag and press (makes stitching easier) top edge closing the turning gap. Stitch close to the top edge all the way around. Do this again 1/4” below the stitch line you just made.

Completing your car trash bag


If you would like a larger or smaller bag, this is easy to adjust. Just add a couple inches or delete them from you outer and liner fabrics. Just remember to keep outer and liner fabrics the same size.

Here is a  cute idea for another bag. Its a crochet purse.

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