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big dog clothing

Large or big dog clothing patterns will cause friends to ask, “Where did you find that outfit?” Many breeds such as your German shepherd, Golden Retriever or Saint Bernard don't need help staying warm but they still need to stay dry on their walks. Whether for weather conditions or just style the clothes need to be comfortable for the dog.

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Patterns for large dogs are often hard to find but here is a nice selection of big dog clothes patterns from Simplicity I came across. I especially like the raincoat as these are very expensive in the pet stores.

Big dog clothes sewing pattern

Look like this German shepherd is smiling because he is proud to be wearing his firecracker red fleece Onesie suit. Front and back legs attach to the delightful cape, which features a roll-down hood that acts as a collar until needed.

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The next design shows Goldie pausing just long enough during his walk to allow a picture. Loose front legs are a great part of the design, holding the cape in place without binding.

Adorable chocolate brown paw prints decorate the deep red fleece. Perhaps your Weimereimer prefers a color other than red or your Shepherd prefers camouflage fleece. Goldie might want a coat of many colors. Handcrafted items allow for choices.

large breed dog clothes

Most of us have seen quite a few dog clothing patterns and outfits for smaller dogs. The need for large dog clothing is often overlooked and hard to come by. Finding a treasure trove like this is a pleasure.

An upper body cape is the answer for those nippy mornings as you and your pal are walking. A handsome dark background is interspersed with large patterns of dog biscuits in scattered directions. The cape fits over the tail.

The center strap fits around the tummy and fastens to a Velcro clasp on the other side. The front crosses under the neck, held snugly with Velcro. A trim of faux fur makes a sophisticated statement in the choice of apparel.

dog clothes patterns

Stretch jersey and Tee-shirt fabric are ideal choices for this casual shirt. Loose arms, a wide neckline and collar, and shirttails give it the classic look that makes Goldie smile.

Dog clothing patterns include this rain slicker for your big dog. The yellow vinyl has white florescent strips with black borders on each side, the top of the tail area, around the hood and down the front of the cape, running the length of the chest. The center fastens with a Velcro strap. Keep your furry friend dry.

big dog clothes

The “Everydog” white cape is good for any type of material. It hangs loose on the sides and back with a Velcro tab close around the neck and a loose cap. The clever inclusion of a side pocket provides a spot for the collapsible water dish and doggie treat.

personalized dog clothes

Personalized dog clothes

Personalized T-shirts feature favorite designs and names. The collar and sleeves have coordinated trim. The back splits around the tail and fastens to the sides of the shirt on the inside of the haunches.

A decorative vest slides over the front legs and extends to the back, stopping just short of the back legs. It fastens around the dog’s belly. Choose your favorite fabric and let your big dog be the star of the party.

dog clothing patterns

Now you can make XL dog clothes

Great Danes, spaniels and any other type of large dog have the panache to carry off the striped blanket, made with gold fabric and florescent striping angled towards the neck. Velcro straps fasten under the back and front while a Velcro covered strap connects under the neck.

It is always fun to find new at reasonable prices. Just as you picture yourself in different kinds of apparel, it is important to know what sort of dog clothing patterns look good on your dog or dogs. Think color, design and style. Then browse and choose.

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