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"Classic skirt sewing pattern #2"

This classic skirt is part two of these Barbie doll clothes, Mix n Match wardrobe. The free skirt sewing pattern with instructions is shown below.

11 1/2 inch to 12 inch doll clothes

Here are some ideas for making up these doll outfits in this barbie doll collection. A checkered green pattern would compliment a solid white button up top, or an envious green blouse. When matching the skirt to the tops that you design you will need to keep in mind that since it is checkered solid lines and other busy patterns would not go well. Of course you can choose another Barbie doll clothes pattern or style if it is your desire.

Color matching is essential as well to ensure the outfit looks natural and classy. Be sure that you don't go for colors that are too vibrant or flashy. To create the perfect design scheme you will want something that you would wear yourself.

Free doll patterns

When you are deciding on the fabric for the skirt, keep in mind that you want a material that won't wrinkle under normal circumstances, and will look clean and crisp at all times.

Barbie doll clothes can get some rough treatment while dressing and undressing the dolls. Because of the design of the skirt, you also won't want a thin material such as lace or silk.

In addition these thinner more precious materials can stain easily and be ruined if they accidentally get damp. Instead a heavy cotton or wool might be a better choice, and both remain easy to sew and repair as needed. Plus cleaning on these materials is relatively simple as well.

When you are sewing your new skirt, consider all the different options you have when designing it. You can lengthen the size of the skirt to reach the doll's ankles to create a fun elegant look, or you can create a short chic skirt that creates a unique look.

Keep in mind the overall theme you are looking to accomplish and use the pattern on several different fashion dolls to create an entire line of possibilities. If you have a young girl in your family you can design a skirt for all her dolls and create a skirt that she can wear as well.

While you are designing your new skirt, think about what other accessories you can compliment it with. When you are looking through your material options, think about creating a sash or belt that could compliment it. There is an endless number of possibilities you can do to add to the outfit that you are creating.

It is important that you aren't afraid of sewing with the pattern that is enclosed. Instead, think of it as a way to explore your skills and create something that you can be proud of. No matter if you are new to sewing or a seasoned pro this classic skirt is something that will take your fashion dolls to a whole new level.

Barbie doll clothes

Classic Skirt Instructions Pattern #2

1- Cut out 1 piece.

2- Sew skirt side seam to dot back seam. (Pattern says side seam but it should be back seam)

3- Gather the waist to fit the doll.

4- Hem waist and back opening.

5- Sew a snap at waist

6- Hem the skirt bottom


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