Cute Apron Pattern

Easy Apron Pattern great gift idea

This bandanna apron pattern make lighthearted bandanna gifts a boon to an overworked Christmas budget and a busy time schedule.

These husband-and-wife sets each take three 22" bandannas and 2 yards 1" grosgrain ribbon.

easy sew apron


Stitch two bandannas together, cutting out border in center.

Cut 12" square with border on one side for bib top; hem two sides.

Sew to center on wrong side.

Attach ribbon at neck and sides.


Stitch two bandannas together. Cut third in half diagonally. From one diagonal strip cut two pockets in pointed shapes; sew in center of bandannas.
Turn down top edge 1 1/2"; stitch. Sew wide edge of second diagonal across top and lower edge of fold for bib.

Turn top point of bib down 4". Stitch across top. Sew another seam 1 1/2" down. Attach ribbon in loop at neck edges. Draw ribbon through hem at waist.

easy christmas gifts to sew

With a Christmas list looming larger and free time growing shorter, it's handy to have some gifts in mind you can make in a jiffy. That's where bandannas come in.
They're already cut and hemmed, so part of the work is done for you. And better yet, they're inexpensive enough to ease the squeeze on your pocketbook.

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