Vintage or Ancient Quilt Patterns

"Printable and free quilt block patterns"

For me, vintage or ancient quilt patterns are the most beautiful and of the most value, both sentimentally and physically. Over the years I have collected many patterns. I, like you, love quilting. It runs in my veins and, as a passion of mine, I want to share it with everyone I can find.

Directions for Quilt Blocks

Passing on free quilt patterns

An age old tradition that goes back as far as the 1700’s and, perhaps, even before, enabled women like you and me to pass on stories, anecdotes, family histories and techniques whilst sitting around in small, close knit communities sharing good food, humor, and tips and advice on everything to do with life.

They made large quilts, small quilts, thick quilts and thin quilts, all proudly lavished with stunning floral patterns, flags, family coat of arms, family trees, and all number of symbolic designs.

Mothers, grandmothers and aunties all gathered together to pass traditions down to their daughters, ensuring that those wonderful quilt patterns were carried forward into a new age.

Quilting itself has fascinated millions of people worldwide for generations, and it’s the old, vintage quilt patterns that are of the most importance: they carry the most history; they enable us to establish a real connection to our roots.

This is why I’m choosing to give them away to anyone that wants them. They deserve to be shared freely, openly and lovingly amongst anyone and everyone that wishes to know more about them.

Downloadable quilt square designs

I hope you enjoy them, learn them and love them, passing them on to your daughters and granddaughters for many years to come. They’re of such beauty and such social importance and yet we have the ability to ensure that they’re not forgotten.

Click the links below to discover the beautiful realms of the ancient quilt patterns for yourself.

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