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"Blue Ribbon Quilts #16 Quilt Block Patterns"

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This ebook is full of american patchwork and quilting designs. The creative urge to make things of beauty is stirring in all age groups. Beautiful handwork of the past holds enchantment for the present generation and quilts with their varied patterns and beautiful workmanship rank high on the list.

We have gathered patterns of sixteen quilts that were prize winners in the late twenties and thirties when quilt making was having a popular revival.

Types quilt block patterns

The collection includes both pieced and applique designs, some simple, some intricate, with quilting patterns, border ideas and complete directions for making a quilt from start to finish.

QUILTS, BOTH PATCHWORK AND APPLIQUE, area colorful and interesting record of our American history. The pieced or patchwork quilt is strictly a craft art form developed by the early pioneer women of America.

Before the American Revolution the colonists had to import all the cloth used, so not a scrap was wasted. Europeans had developed comforts and feather downs, but it remained for the pioneer American women to make bed coverings and even curtains from bits and scraps of cloth.

The first quilts were pieced of calico and copper plate chintz, in square patches or in crazy patches, using what was available. After the Revolution came the early homespun, a rough scratchy cloth called linsey-woolsey. Then, as trade increased, the Indian cottons, the oiled calicos were the popular fabrics. Today it seems remarkable that these early women with very little formal education were able to draft the intricate star and other geometric patterns that have been handed dawn from mother to daughter and have been so popular through the years.

As the country and american patchwork and quilting became more affluent, using up scraps was not so important and the applique quilt which was made of new materials cut into fanciful flower designs and stitched to a background with tiny, tiny stitches became very popular.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a treasured quilt that some great great grandmother has made. It is for us to try to reproduce some of the beautiful examples of an art form that is peculiarly American. Who knows .. - in years to come, age will soften their hues and they may be treasured as family heirlooms by great grandchildren yet to be born. This is a wonderful book of American patchwork and quilting. Happy quilt making!

Blue Ribbon Quilts #16 include the following patterns

Pennsylvania Rose

The Broken Star

English Rose

Aunt Alice's Blue Wreath

Star Bouquet

The Yo-yo quilt

Kansas Troubles

Coverlet Quilt

Autumn Leaves

Interwoven Puzzle

Quilt of the Century

Rainbow 'Round the World

Love Apple

Missouri Star

String Quilt

Iris Quilt

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