Tumbling Block Quilt Pattern

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Tumbling Block Quilt Pattern
free tumbling block quilt pattern

Illusion of the tumbling block quilt

The tumbling block quilt pattern illusion is created using 3 different shads of various colors. Amish quilts with this pattern are stunning to say the least and a baby crib quilt is so adorable and appealing using pastels with prints and/or solid color fabric.

When the colors are assembled correctly you see the pattern of blocks or boxes falling giving this pattern a three dimensional look.. It is a very pretty quilt and not all that difficult to make.

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Jenny calls the pattern below a Rhombus Cube but it is the same way you make a Tumbling Block and so much easier. So here are two ways you can make this. Free pattern is below or Jenny's way. 

But you will need to plan the placement of your fabric prints and colors.

Even though it is called tumbling blocks the quilt top is made up of diamond shapes. The size of the diamond will determine how long it will take to make the top. Naturally the larger the diamond block the quicker the quit will be accomplished.

You do not always have to cut one diamond at a time as it is possible to do the tumbling block quilt pattern with a rotary cutter and do strip piecing Another decision you will have to make is are you going to machine or hand piece the top. If you like to carry your small projects with you than this pattern is perfect for hand piecing.

The tumbling blocks quilt pattern

Using four colors doesn't work very well as you can see above.

From small crib size to king size quilts

You can make any size blocks you desire and the quilt can be a king size down to a crib quilt to wall hangings. I have seen some very pretty wall hangings made up with the tumbling block quilt pattern

You will want to choose 3 colors, or 3 shades of the same color. You can use as many colors and prints as you want but “each” block will consist of only 3. The more colors you use the more patchwork look it has.

Use a 60 degree diamond template, you can make one your self or use a store bought one. Each block consist of 3 diamonds so you will want to cut out each fabric in 3s. Decide how many blocks you want than cut out that many diamonds in each fabric choice.

Make a baby quilt

Quilt wall hanger

Quick over view of the steps

1 – Choose cotton 3 colors

2 - Wash to preshrink

3 – Cut out diamonds using template

4 – Use ¼ inch seams always

5 – Lay blocks out according to your design chart

6 – Pin, sew and press seams

7 – When 2 rows are completed sew these rows together

8 – Continue till top is assembled

9 – Add a boarder

10 – Lay out backing, batting on top of backing and quilt top on top making a sandwich

11- Quilt (stitch) through all layers working from the center out

Tumbling block assembly
Tumbling block template

Block template: you can use any size 60 degree template. The bigger the template the fewer blocks will be needed. 


Baby's Block is a fantastic example of creating an optical illusion with fabric. The three dimensional sensation of this tumbling block quilt pattern gives it a contemporary look, at the some time being very "old fashioned."

There will be 173 box shapes to complete a pieced top that measures about 84"x 107". Eight rows of twelve boxes alternate with seven rows of eleven boxes.

The color construction is all important and without careful attention to the chosen plan the box illusion will be lost. One pattern piece is used and it is necessary to cut the correct number of each color. It is extremely important in sewing that the point of each pattern piece retain its sharpness.

Each color of fabric will need to produce 173 diamonds requiring 3 yards of each fabric. When all piecing has been completed, the quilt top edges will have an in and out configuration which you can trim to “square off” and add a border if you like.

Note: When cutting fabric cut two parallel sides on the straight grain of the fabric. The other two parallel sides will then be on the bias of the fabric.

Blocks needed

Al 173 light color fabric

A2 173 medium color fabric

A3 173 dark color fabric

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