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"From country to contemporary quilts"

“ABC Quilter” is simply quilts, easy to understand, clear instructions and have lots of printable quilt patterns. Information, tips and hints for your next project is what you will find in this ebook. It has complete instructions for 12 amazing quilts

Quilt making is really a combination of two different needle-crafts.

Patchwork: The art of piecing together fabric pieces of different colors to form a pleasing pattern or design.

Quilting: The stitching together of the 3 layers of the quilt, usually forming designs with the stitching.

We no longer make quilts for warmth alone but more for decorative purposes. Today they are an art form, an outlet for our creative talents. Understanding that adding simply quilts to a room can add old world charm. Using the more modern designs or the more contemporary patterns with give a room the bright up to date design with a comforting touch of home.

Working on simply quilts using different colors and patterns is a form of art in itself. There are quilting guilds, clubs and charities that make quilts and coverlets to donate or sell.

Instructions on how to make a quilt

You will find this ebook is full of ideas and tips to help you. This information is just as useful today as it was years ago. By using only one or two pattern pieces you can make many different quilts. Using different colors and various combinations of the pieces can produce completely different patterns.

My Christmas Quilt Patterns

I made this quilt using the Irish Chain pattern. Using the colors of red, green and white made it look like some of the Christmas quilts. This shows you that patterns and colors can create different holiday quilts. You don't need a tree or wreath to make Christmas quilt patterns, just use the right colors and any design will do.

Quilt making is ideal for carrying your craft with you. If you sew the pieces together by hand you can carry your work with your where ever you go. But it is not necessary to sew the pieces by hand, you can easily use a machine for a quicker project.

Patchwork: This ebook gives you instructions on making up patchwork patterns and designs:

How to make a pattern

How to cut pieces

Sewing pieces together

Applique: it also includes how to make applique quilts.

Using the patterns

Applying the design

The importance of pressing

Finishing: you will find how to finish your quilt

Setting the quilt together

Lining and interlining

Combining all layers

Quilting the quilt

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Printable quilt patterns

Plus all pieces in this ebook are the actural size, no resizing needed, you can just print them off and use them. There is no adjusting these templates, just print and use.

Star Quilts to the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This ebooks contains all of the patterns listed below. Each comes with the full size printable quilt patterns or templates. You will find patchwork to applique quilt patterns and more help than I can mention here.

Patterns Included:

Star Puzzle

Old Tippecanoe

Nine Patch

Double Irish Chain

Split Nine Patch

The Gay Pinwheel

Fence Row

Nelsons Victory

Baby Block

Rising Star

Modern Tulip

Double Wedding Ring

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NOTE: You will not receive a hard copy in the mail. These magazines are all in pdf zip file and can be easily downloaded and opened with the free program Adobe. You get immediate access to your patterns.

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