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These are easy sewing patterns

The company for Simplicity sewing patterns began in 1927 creating patterns for the home seamstress. The patterns are always been clearly written, nicely displayed and include step by step instructions in each envelope. They have always been reasonably priced and yes, stylish.

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The success of your sewing project will depend a great deal on the pattern you have selected. Before any fabric or notions will be bought you must decide on the pattern that fits your needs.

To get the proper fit you must first check your measurements correctly. If you are off in your measurements, you will not have the correct size pattern to start with and naturally your item will not fit properly. To get a correct fit:

1 – Stand in bra and panties

2 – Hold tape snug but not tight

3 – Most important measurements are

a – Bust: measure around fullest part

b – Waist: measure around the smallest part

c – Hips: measure about 7 inches below waist

If your measurements do not match perfectly with the pattern (most of us don't) Than get the size nearest to your bust measurements, if making a top or hips measurements if making a skirt or slacks. If you are looking for a dress you will need to purchase a pattern that fits the largest part of your body and adjust the other parts of the pattern. We will cover adjusting patterns also.

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Wonderfully simple sewing patterns

You will find on the back of each envelope there is a list of the types of fabric that would make up best and the amount needed for your size.

Also on the back is a list of all the notions you may need. Such as thread, fasteners, buttons ect. Some of these notions will be optional so go through the list and choose what you want to use in your finished item.

I personally like Simplicity sewing patterns because they seem to have fewer pieces and the instructions are so easy to follow. These are the ones I always recommend for beginners.

You will find that Simplicity sewing patterns are marked on the envelope. They will have very few pattern pieces and will say something like “It's so easy” “2 hour” or “New Look” patterns are all quick projects.

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Sewing for beginners

The very easy patterns for sewing may have any wheres from two to five pieces. Front, back and facings can easily be made up into a nice summer top. Changing a few details such as a cap or kimono sleeve, a collarless neckline which can be round, square, oval or pointed. All can be in the same pattern, but will make up as totally different styles with very few changes.

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When you are first beginning to sew I would suggest you stick with the basics and Simplicity sewing patterns will fit your needs from easy tops to wedding gowns. As you get more experienced you will buy more detailed patterns and probably began to make some changes on your own creating your own fashion statements.

Darts, pleats, and gathers are all things you will pick up in no time. Remember the old carpenters rule “measure twice and cut once”. This will save you in fabric cost if you always apply this rule.

Pinning your pattern pieces or layout, onto the fabric must be done correctly. You don't want to cut your skirt and than realize it stretches lengthwise instead of across the hips. This is also shown in the pattern directions. None of this is complicated and is all included in your pattern envelope.

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