Free Sewing Lessons

"Online sewing classes"

Free sewing lessons

Providing free sewing lessons with clear concise instructions is our desire. We want to help you develop your skills and enjoyment for sewing clothes, toys, crafts and projects. These lessons will help you build you ability to make clothes that fit without frustration.

Sewing is not a talent or gift that has been given to a few, it is an easy craft skill that can be learned and developed with the proper instructions and guidance.

You will discover there are no secrets to being able to sew a beautiful garment, nor any special talent is needed. All you need is the proper instructions and a guide to beginning a craft that is both creative and fulfilling.

"Online sewing lessons"

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How to sew on a button

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How To Make Dog Clothes

You can master the hand or machine sewing skills and build your confidence by following the written and pictured instructions we provide. And of course you will be able to contact us for any additional help, as you need. Our desire is to make all of the instructions as complete and easy to follow as possible for our online sewing classes.

Our desire is to provide sewing lessons with the clear instructions a beginner needs, also the photos and diagrams to make understanding easier. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; this is very true while learning online.

Online sewing classes

Some of the subjects to be covered are both hand and machine sewing. You will want to know hand sewing for finishing your projects. Quilting is great and we will cover that also but if you are making a skirt you will need to finish it with a nice crisp invisible hem.

Our free online sewing classes will hopefully help you to understand patterns, machine stitches and fabrics. We will start with the basics like laying out and cutting a pattern and advance on to thinks like French seams, stitch in the ditch and making a buttonhole.

You will find help when your machine makes large loops on the back of the fabric or pulls the stitches too tight. We will also cover machine parts, accessories and problems that pop up.

Machine maintenance is covered because if your machine is not running smoothly you will have no end of frustration. It only takes a bit to keep the machine in top running condition.

Patterns are not always made as we are built. So we will also cover how to make alterations to the patterns for a perfect fit. Some times we need a little more fabric in the bust area and a little less in the waist. We will show you how to make those adjustments for a perfect fit.

Remember this woodworker’s rule: Measure twice and cut once.

Sewing is great fun and you don’t have to be a Martha Stewart to enjoy this craft. When you have a sewing machine you can make everything from a shower curtain to a wedding gown. This is one hobby that can be inexpensive or as costly as your budget can afford.

It is a fun hobby and it can be profitable too. Designing, creating, sewing for special needs or alterations are all ways to earn extra money at home. But you need to learn how to sew first so lets learn with free sewing lessons here at our own “online sewing classes”

Sewing has been handed down for generations. You may not be Martha Stewart but you can still learn this craft and begin to create your own wardrobe that fits perfectly.

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