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Sewing doll clothes is a great release. Many people enjoy dreaming of cool clothes and outfits that they want to wear or would like to see.

But they would never make them because of expense or usefulness in everyday life. Well if you have a flare for fashion designing and long to tinker with patterns design and sew doll clothes.

When you make my doll clothes, you can sketch out some blueprints with measurements for the doll and a collection of swatches so that you can properly visualize the outfit. Then, when you have the design all hammered out you cut the clothes and begin to sew.

You will fill her doll clothes closet

The steps themselves may seem boring and mundane, but when you fit the right clothes to the right doll, they seem to just come to life in your hands. Your little girl will love that they actually look like small people. She will love modeling them, and dressing them up in a great new wardrobe made especially for her.

There is no wrong way to design doll clothes. Choose colors you like, fabric you enjoy working with and design the most outrageous or elegant clothes your heart desires. This will build the little girls doll wardrobe and you will find it relaxing to have an outlet of expression.

Handmade barbie doll clothes

And if you don't want to design or if you just don't have the ability to than you can use any of these patterns and just tinker and make adjustments. While sewing doll clothes you can add a bit of rick rack here or some lace there. Mix and match the different outfits and fabrics. Remember handmade barbie doll clothes does not need to look “homemade”.

This pattern will fit, Barbie, Midge, Babette, Tina, Tina Marie, Liza, Polly and other fashion dolls that are 11 ½ inches tall.

Sewing doll clothes from this pattern

This pattern includes:

1 -Sleeveless sheath with attached eyelet over skirt with matching panties.

2 - Slim strapless ball gown and stole with contrasting ribbon midriff and stole facings. 3 - Flared great coat with unmounted sleeves and oversize patch pockets and a one piece mink hat. 4 - Japanese style kimono with contrast binding and belt with large pockets. 5 - Fashionable jersey stretch pants and frog trimmed jacket. 6 - Polka dot bikini.

This is a fun form of self-expression with little expense. Doll clothing allows you to express yourself in a way that few people think to enjoy. And the child in your life will get to benefit for this fun time also. Don't forget too, if you get really good at this it could be a hobby that pays for itself as you can sell the clothes on etsy or other online venues.

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Sewing Doll Clothes to Printable Sewing Patterns

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