Sewing Doll Clothes

“Teen Dolls #36 Enid Gilchrist”

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Wardrobe for sewing doll clothes. These patterns are for dolls 12 and 9 inches. This ebook is full of hints, tips and ideas on making entire wardrobes for these dolls.

You will find complete instructions for Making a great Wardrobe to hold all these clothes and easy hangers, for all the clothes you can make from this one ebook.

There are sewing patterns, knitting patterns and crochet patterns for the 9 and 12 inch dolls. This is the most complete and money saving book.


General Instructions for Making Dresses

Many Basic Patterns for Sewing and Knitting and Crochet

Knitted Evening Dress for 12 inch doll

Felt Party Skirt for 12 inch doll

Crocheted Dresses

Head Kerchief

Hints On Making Clothes 12 inch doll

Coat and Brunch Coat 12 inch doll

Dress Sewing Pattern

Slacks – Shorts – Bikini sewing

Beach Top – Hat – Bag

Evening Sweater

Knitted Skinny Rib Dress

Mohair Sweater and Stretch Slacks

Knitted Blazer and Dress for 9 inch doll

Surf Sweater – Cap – Bell Bottoms for 9 inch doll

Tights for 9 inch doll

Dresses for 9 inch doll

Shift – Gown for 9 inch doll

Ski Sweater for 12 inch doll

Dresses for 12 inch doll – sewing

A Line Skimmer and Frilled Dresses for 12 inch doll

Pajamas for 12 inch doll

Garter Stitch Jacket and Skirt for 12 inch doll

Hats and Boots

Bra and Slip for 12 inch doll

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