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Sewing Lessons, tips and helps. Ideas for your next project. Doll clothes, baby patterns, quilts and crafts. A fun, friendly and fashionable hobby to save you money.

Bible quilt block patterns, scrap

Bible quilt block patterns are not easy to find today, but we still have some old books that have great old time Biblilcal designs. Religion was a very strong and vital force in their lives

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simple quilt blocks, scrap quilts, for beginner

free pattern is for 12 inch simple quilt blocks combined with patchwork and solid squares. This pattern “Widowers Choice” comes from the late 1800s. The blocks can be arranged in many layouts

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applique pattern, apple quilt, free

Free applique pattern is ready for spring and for you to enjoy making. This would make up as a great gift for a teacher friend or a farmer pal or anyone who loves to decorate with apples

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Sewing lessons, free sewing classes

Free sewing lessons with clear concise instructions

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Both ancient quilt patterns and new great patterns. We are adding new quilt blocks and patterns

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Free applique quilt pattern with instructions for a pansy

Free applique quilt pattern is a beautiful pansy pattern. Many of us that like to work with our hands and quilting is one of the most satisfying skills that we can acquire

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Sew on a button with a machine

How to sew on a button with a sewing machine will make the process of sewing on many buttons very quick and easy.

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12” Flying Dutchman Block

12” Flying Dutchman Block or Flying Dutchman Puzzle Block

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Barbie doll clothes patterns

fashion doll collectors who are interested in sewing using Barbie doll clothes patterns to make outfits for your dolls is a fun way to expand your hobby.

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Michaels Craft stores, and other suppliers

Reputable craft stores and dependable outlets for supplies At least most of the major ones are. This is a wonderful convenience for anyone that doesn't have a store locally.

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yo yo, quilt pattern, quilts and bedspreads

The yo yo quilt pattern is about as simple a pattern a pattern as you can find

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Sewing patterns costumes

Sewing patterns costumes, There are different times of the year when you may need some special sewing patterns costumes for plays and holidays are a couple of examples.

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How to Hem Jeans, how to hem pants

Learn how to hem jeans, then you have come to the right place. This is a very easy alteration job and it will be very useful to learn. You will use the same steps with hemming any pant

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Free ladybug crafts easy sewing patterns for kids

Ladybug crafts are inspired every year by the invasion of lady bugs. My daughter came up with this very creative way to encourage her 3 year old to participate in a sewing project.

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A basic sewing machine is the best choice for the beginners

The basic sewing machine is the best choice for the beginners. The more bells and whistles you have the more you will need to learn.

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