Quilts For Beginners

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Learn to quilt

Quilts for beginners are great projects for learning how to sew. If you are just beginning to sew and are wondering what type of project would be easy and yet fulfilling, a simple and colorful quilt is just the ticket. 

Choosing the design and fabric is half the fun. You can find a great selection of discount fabric online.

Making quilts and coverlets

There are some quilters that believe a quilt is only truly considered handmade if it is entirely sewn and quilted by hand. If you plan to enter a contest piecing and quilting by hand is the only way to make your quilt.

Or if you wish for you can always make a tie quilt. This type quilt has to top pieces sewn together on a machine and it is ties together at various spots rather than quilted. This is yet another fun and easy idea for quilts for beginners.

Quilting is great fun from the beginning, with choosing your design, to the fabric print and colors that you decide on, to the manner you choose to assemble it.

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A few things to consider and than decide on at the beginning would be;

1st - Are you planning on making a completely handmade quilt? Sewing all the fabric pieces together by hand and also hand quilting it?

2nd - Or are you going to be sewing the quilt (pieces) top together using your sewing machine and than hand quilting the quilt?

3td - And the last thing to consider would be maybe to sew the quilt pieces together using the sewing machine and using the machine to quilt it. Personally I assemble all my quilt tops on the machine and then hand quilt them.

Some of the equipment you may want to know about is the large assortment quilting frames. There are huge quilting frames that take up the best part of a room or pull down from the ceiling.

Many people can sit around these and the quilt rolls from one side to the other as it is worked on. Than there is the smaller free standing pvc pipe frames, they come in many sizes and there are the lap frames for quilting. Again it is up to you and what you prefer to use and how much room you have to give to it.

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Easy quilt patterns

One of the easy baby quilt patterns is made with the nine patch, log cabin or any pattern that is sewn with straight lines. Quilts for beginners should be simple and fun. When you finish the first project you will be addicted to quilting forever.

Using straight seams such as triangles, squares and such will help you to become comfortable with handling the fabric and using the sewing machine. Unless you want to do a completely handmade quilt which naturally would also be sewing the fabric together by hand as mentioned above.

Free easy quilt patterns

You will find many free easy quilt patterns online so there is no need to put out a lot of money for the patterns. We are adding patterns regularly so that you will have an assortment to choose from for your next project. To begin your first quilt, it would be a good idea to try and choose a basic pattern.

The fabrics to choose may be small print fabrics and combine and mix with solid colors within the same color range. To start it is best to get sections of ½ yard of each color. A color wheel is a great item to have in your sewing supplies as the colors you choose can make a simple plain quilt into a stunning piece of art.

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