Quilt Square Patterns

Pinwheel quilt blocks

These quilt square patterns are Pin Wheels, with an ancestral name older yet - “Flutter Wheels”, is one of the easiest of all patchworks to make. The only bit of wisdom offered on making this pattern is to cut all triangles on the true diagonal, that is with threads parallel to the two shorter sides each time, and then not to stretch the bias edges in seaming them together.

This may be an all-over pattern or the nine patch unit here shown may be used as a block and set together with lattice strips or plain squares.

The is a good design for using scrap Material of the childreres frocks and rompers. Dainty bits a Print and plain to commemorate happy days. Seams may or may not be allowed extra.

A clever patchwork border to use between plain strips could be composed of little pin wheel squares set diagonally between triagles, like the denter band from this block.

Materials Estimate: If seams are allowed extra, the blocks will finish 18 inches square – 16 blocks set together with 4 inch strips of white, will finish about 84 inches square.

This requires 2 ½ yards of yellow, 2 yards of green and 4 yards of white or 8 ½ yards in all.

(from “The Kansas City Star” 1930 April)

You can download the above pattern

This charming old pattern will fill the needs of those looking for a simple but effective pattern that works up quickly.

If care is given to the fabricks chosen, the result will be a very lovely quilt without much work, for the finished block is eighteen inches square. Sew the blocks together to make the quilt the desired sixze allowing for seams. It is prettier if the figured fabric chosen is all alike.

Pinwheel Quilt Square Patterns to Quilts for Beginners

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