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"Printable quilt patterns"

Finding quilt magazines with printable quilt patterns is very difficult and time consuming. So I have begun to assemble some of the many I have accumulated over the years.

I have been sewing for nearly 50 years and have collected many cheap magazines and books for the crafts I enjoy. But unfortunately these craft books are no longer as cheap or inexpensive as they once was.

Well as you know if you have been doing crafts for any amount of time, you can build quite a stash. So I thought "Why not share these vintage patterns?" The patterns are great and this way the price is kept low.

The ebooks listed below are all vintage quilt magazines but still contain the same trusted and loved patterns we have always used to make our quilts. There are some patterns long forgotten such as the swastika, (Don't know why anyone would want that one, but the pattern is in one of the old magazines) and many others from flowers to tumbling blocks.

Scanning these old books and magazines and than storing them on the computer is such a great space saver. I find this is the best way to keep up with your library.

Inside our ebooks quilt magazines

Quilt blocks galore

One of the great things about these quilt magazines are they don't cost you an arm and a leg. Todays books are beautiful but come with a hefty price. So I thought I would share these vintage patterns with you and make them printable for your convenience.

You are going to find quilt blocks galore to choose from. Double wedding ring quilt pattern to applique quilt patterns, Christmas quilts to baby quilts, including patterns and templates all printable and for immediate download.

Applique to Baby Quilt Patterns

The quilt books or magazines have been reproduced and include the original photos, instructions and templates. When you decide on making quilts you will find each one of the magazines have printable quilt patterns. You can either print the entire magazine or just print the quilt templates you are interested in using at that time.

You may be looking for an applique pattern for your next project or maybe you are in need of a shower gift. You will find these magazines contain many baby quilt patterns to choose from.

Simply Quilts, Books and Magazines

The list below contains quilts that are great for the beginner to the most expertise. There are templates for the basic nine patch to the more complicated lone star quilt. And each are printable quilt patterns so you can pick and choose.

NOTE: You will not receive a hard copy in the mail. These magazines are all in pdf zip file and can be easily downloaded and opened with the free program Adobe. You get immediate access to your patterns.

1 - 31 Quilt Designs by Taylor Made : With complete cutting charts and easy to follow directions.

2 - ABC Quilter: Complete instructions for 12 quilts from beginning to end

3 - Easy Quilts: 19 Patterns for cutting guides with complete directions.

Quilt Magazines to Quilt Ebooks

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