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How to make a pillow case

"Online sewing lessons"

Todays free sewing lessons is about “How to make a pillow case”. Here you will find a free pillow case pattern that is easy to follow with photos and written instructions.  This project is fun, easy and economical to make and very decorative.

You will find the sewing help tips needed to make these cases, below. Included are photos and written instructions. This pattern is just one of many ways to make some great gifts and to learn sewing.

A set of these designer (you being the designer) are wonderful gifts for family and friends. Adults and kids will enjoy these and all you do is choose different fabrics according to age and interest.

Think of satin for a wedding shower, books or game designs for college kids, maybe Bob the Builder for a boy and there is always the Disney Princess's for that special little girl. Just think how tickled they will be to open a package with their personal and favorite design or cartoon on it.

Pillowcases are expensive so here are a few ideas on how to save money when making them. You could buy a flat twin sheet. I have found many quality sheets brand new in the clearance bin because there are no fitted sheets to match. Which is fine with me as I don't plan to use them for sheets.

Or of course you can purchase and use a fabric print that matches or will contrasts with your sheets or bedspread.  You can add any decorative trim while you are assembling them to make them uniquely yours.

When cutting the fabric we want the finished case to be at least 1 inch larger and 6 inches longer than the pillow that will be used.

Standard finished sizes are as follows:

Standard  21X32
Queen     21X36
King      21X42

BigKeyArt said: How to make a pillow case -1:
Linda, thank you for your tutorial. I just finished my pillow case, you made it really easy. I chose to use a french seam for the finish and I'm thrilled, I never made one before!

How to make a pillow case instructions step by step:

We will be using 3 different pieces of fabric prints for these two pillow cases. Your fabric is about 44 or 45 inches wide so lay this out and cut your pieces as follows.

Cut 2 pieces of each size fabrics.

27 X 44 top
2 ½ X 44 trim
9 1/2 X 44 bottom hem

1 -  Fold in half the 2 ½ piece and the 9 1/2inch piece and press
2 – Lay down the 9 1/2 inch piece with right side up
3 – Lay down the 2  ½ inch piece with raw edge even with first piece
4 – Place 27 inch piece on top of these layers with raw edges all even

Pillow case pattern step 2
Pillow case pattern step 3

5 - It would help to pin these together just to hold them till we finish the next step.

6 – Now you are going to roll up the 27 inch fabric like a jelly roll. From the bottom to the edge where all the fabrics meet. NOTE do not bring all the way up to edges you only want a roll here.

7 – Now pull the 9 1/2 inch piece over the roll and place even on the raw edges and pin securely in place. Use lots of pins to keep all the raw edges even.

Easy Pillow case pattern step 4
Easy Pillow case pattern step 5

8 - You are going to sew the edge with the pins using ¼ inch seam. Remember to back stitch on both ends because you will be pulling and tugging on them.

9 – Ok now you have a tube, Pull the fabric layers out of the tube. You will have all layers in place.

Easy Pillow case pattern step 6
Easy Pillow case pattern step 7

10 – The only thing left to do is to sew the side and top of the case. You can do this with a 1/4” seam allowance and than zig zag to prevent raveling or use a serger if you have one.

Easy Pillow Case DIY 1

You can find lots of great books on Amazon about sewing. Here are a few I came across.

Pillow Case Pattern to Easy Sewing Projects

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