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Patchwork Quilt patterns are one of the oldest forms of decorative needlework, and has been an ideal way to portray a part of the early American's life.

Many patchwork quilt patterns were made and named for events or occurrences synonymous with Pioneer Days - such as Wagon Tracks (page 21), an all over pattern which resembles the tracks made by covered wagons as they crossed the prairie states.

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 And than there is the quilt Indian Trails (pages 22-23), a pattern originating in the early days when the daily lives of settlers, who were gradually moving westward, were greatly influenced by their contact with the Indians.

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This form of needleart is an ideal pick up work to keep ten fingers busy, and it pays off in a big dividend when done. It also provides a wonderful way to use those many left over materials from previous projects.

Because it is economical as well as useful and decorative, there is a continued interest in quilt making.

Designs, like the twelve contained in this ebook COVERED WAGON, never grow old or out of style, but they keep on inspireing many to make a coverlet that will add charm and beauty to the room.

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The patchwork quilt patterns included:

STAR of the WEST

This very lovely design is also known as "Harry's Star" or "Henry of the West" when traced back to the days of Calhoun and Clay. Just two pattern pieces are used to form the star-blocks; the solid blocks are quitted with the star outline.


Arrange the colors in a different way and you will see why this design is called Variable Star. Try the star in white with color in the background; or only the eight points in color on o white background.


When made from colors in sharp contrast to each other, this attractive quilt design may be set together in two different ways—thus forming the eye-catching pattern called Drunkard's Path or the pretty Love Ring. This is a popular pattern because of the few patches—each block consists of two pieces—making it ideal pick-up and carry-about work.


Here is the simplest form of the pretty Nine Patch design. This pattern was often used for a child's first quilt-making lesson. It is wonderful pick-up work, and makes a most attractive coverlet when set together with plain blocks quilted in a cross-block design.


A simple unit that may be used to form three different designs—the Slanted Diamond, Spider or Pinwheel. These allover patterns show that variety is unlimited — one of the secrets of quilt-making that charms generation after generation.


This striking quilt design is very effective considering the simplicity of the patches. Indiana Puzzle is an intricate all-over pattern that was especially famous in the pioneer days of Indiana.


The Civil War days started many families going Westward in search of a new life, and this design was a product of those days.


This pretty quilt originated in the Southwest and is similar in design to "Duck Paddle", "Fanny's Fan", or the "Lily Blocks". It is truly a versatile motif because, by changing the colors, you can change the appearance of the design.


A lovely combination of three well-known quilt patterns - the Nine Patch, Variable Star and Roman Stripe - makes this a most attractive coverlet. When these three designs are put together, they form one large block - twenty inches square.


The "Irish Chain" patterns were and still are very popular. They are simple in construction, and when completed, the quilt-top presents a very striking and beautiful design

WAGON TRACKS or Trail of the Covered Wagon

This lovely all over pattern forms a design which resembles the tracks of covered wagons crossing the prairie. Only two different size units or pieces are used in making this easy-to-put-together quilt from bold color fabrics such as red and blue (shown here) or soft pastel shades - either way, you're sure to have a compliment-winner.


This pattern has many different names—such as Forest Path, Rambling Road, North Wind and Storm-at-Sea, but Indian Trail seems most appropriate having originated in the early days when the daily lives of the Westward-bound settlers were greatly influenced by their contact with Indians.

Only $2.99


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