A Patchwork Quilt Patterns Ebook

A Patchwork Quilt Patterns Ebook
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This patchwork quilt patterns ebooks has lots of great patterns and instructions.

General Instructions

COLOR and FABRIC . . . All illustrations in this ebook are shown in tones of black and white. Color

combinations are suggested with some of the patterns. For other color suggestions study the colored pictures in the May issue of Woman’s Day. Use only fast color materials of a firm weave. Calicoes and

percales are a favorite standby; but chintz's, muslins and ginghams are also popular. Unstarched sheeting of the required width may be used for the lining; or you may use a 36-inch fabric in a print or solid tone. The latter will require neat seams. It is best to cut the lining several inches larger than the top, to allow for possible fraying while quilting.

Some patchwork pages

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CUTTING . . . First plan your entire block in wrapping paper. Make a pattern of the block, using blotting paper. Blotters with one glazed side, such as are used in advertising, are ideal. Cut a piece of blotting paper for each section indicated. Unless otherwise specified, the number of pieces indicated for cutting will make one block. Place the paper pattern rough-side-down on the fabric and mark around it lightly with a pencil that does not smudge, The measurements for the pieces do not allow for seams.

When cutting, allow 3/16-inch for seams, but if your material ravels easily allow 1/4-inch. If you are starting your first quilt, make a practice block before beginning your actual work; if the block is accurate you can use it in your quilt.

More how to quilt info in Patchwork Quilt Patterns ebook

PIECING . . . Use Sewing Thread. Stitches must be close and even, beginning and ending seams securely. To avoid puckering, all seams must be the same width; therefore be sure to seam in your entire seam allowance. Press seams of all blocks before sewing blocks together. It is preferable to press the seams to one side, rather than to open them flat.

APPLIQUE - . . Cut applique pieces carefully. Baste the pieces to the block. Then, using matching sewing thread, sew in place with blind stitch, turning under all edges neatly.

SIZES . . . All the quilts in this book have been planned for a double size spread. If you like your quilt the same size as your bedspreads, make it about 88 x 106 inches for a double size bed, about 70 x 106 inches for a single size bed- We suggest that you join your blocks systematically, and try the quilt on top of the bed occasionally, to determine the size you want your finished product to be. To estimate the amount of material necessary for your quilt, first estimate the amount of each color necessary for one block; then multiply this by the total number of blocks required. It is wise to purchase sufficient material to allow for possible waste in cutting.

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