Mothers Day Crafts

"Easy Craft Ideas"

Mothers Day crafts have been a popular project for children in Sunday school since its official beginning in 1914. There have been many creative projects given with love to many Moms’ who have cherished them for years to come. But these crafts aren’t only for children or strictly for your Mother any more. Here are some lovely crafts to show the “Mom” in your life how much you cherish her.

Create your own Mothers day gifts

A simple yet fragrant Mothers day gifts idea would be a set of sachets. This dual-purpose gift not only adds fragrance to your clothes but also protection. Certain herbs such as lavender, tansy, and wormwood have moth repellent properties that protect and yet provide a wonderful fragrance for your wardrobe and linens.

Sachets can actually be used everywhere and anywhere you want to freshen the air. Toss one in your car, luggage, even near garbage cans or litter boxes. They make wonderful gifts, especially a Mother’s Day gift. Easily assembled these can be either a sewn or no-sew Mother’s Day crafts project.

More Mothers Day craft ideas

For no-sew crafts simply purchase pre-crafted sachets, such as the ones found at JoAnn Fabric ( and Craft stores, which can also be purchased online, and then fill with fragrant herbs. There are all sorts of herbs listed on Amazon that you can use to fill the sachets with. Add a ribbon to the bags and place them in a tissue lined gift box. And voila you have made a beautiful, affordable, and easy Mothers Day craft!

Easy craft ideas

Sachets aren’t the only Mothers Day crafts you can make. Another creative gift would be a  fabric covered picture frame. All you need is an inexpensive flat frame. Be sure to use one that doesn’t have any ridges, as these are hard to cover. You can find inexpensive frames can be found at yard sales, thrift stores, or dollar stores.

For fabric you can use a whole piece or coordinating strips for a shabby chic feel. The texture and print of your fabric will really direct the theme of your frame. Free fabric swatches can be found in outdated upholstery or drapery books. A lot of furniture stores will give these to you for free or for a small fee if you just ask.

More fun crafts ideas

Assembling this project couldn’t be easier. Remove the backing and the glass pane. Measure enough fabric to cover the front and fold over to the back. Use a glue such as Mod Podge and a sponge brush to coat the wrong side of the fabric. Smooth the fabric over the front of the frame and remove any air bubbles.  

Lay frame down on its front and cut an X from corner to corner of the opening. Also make a diagonal cut at the corners to fold the sides down flat. Once all the air bubbles have been removed and fabric has been allowed to dry, apply another coat of glue to seal the fabric.  

This frame can be embellished with a number of things such as lace, dried flowers, buttons, or ribbon. Use a glue gun to attach these items to the front of the frame in a pleasing manner.

Making one frame is thoughtful but more than one makes a wonderful gift set. So why not make a coordinating set of frames and wrap them nicely in a gift box for the Mom in your life. It’s as much about presentation as it is the gift. She will be pleased beyond words at your thoughtfulness and the loving care that shines through in your Mothers Day crafts.

Mothers Day Crafts to No Sew

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